Froúrio Public Baths

This building served as both "splash and spectacle". The facilities had several freshwater baths, as well as thermal baths that could be used by the citizens of the city-state, but could also be used by students as special rewards.

Purpose / Function

The public baths served a civil service supporting the hygeine, physical health and mental health of the cities citizens and students. However, the baths were also considered a form of recreation by several of the younger citizens, more rowdy students and less circumspect teachers. The baths were perhaps the single largest contributor to disciplinary actions. They were also the cause of many mis-attributed minor injuries when the more aggressively disruptive were confronted by the occupants disrupted by their behavior.


The ostentatious building included large pools for common use, with both enclosed and open air basins. Large fancy jets, burbling streams and other purely decorative elements have been added by the instructors at the facility over time, both for their own use but as a demonstration of magical prowress.   Several baths are available for segregated genders, while a number of enclosed mixed-gender baths also were available by reservation.


This area received minor damage during the fall of Froúrio.
Parent Location


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