Froúrio Taverna

The Taverna is located on the southern part of the city, near the student housing and the Froúrio Shrine. It is occupied from dawn to dusk and its proprietors serve all manner of food and drink to the students, residents and citizens.

Purpose / Function

The Taverna served as a common gathering area for students, residents and some citizens for food, drink and entertainment. Unusual in Drákonian society, this public house for food and alcoholic beverage likely developed due to the diverse peoples that have come to the Drákonian Akadimía over the years.


The open air seating area outside of the Taverna dominates the view, while a smaller amount of indoor seating is present.   A large cooking pit and storage area for staples, casks of wine lie out the back. Also outside the back is a small area for the slaughter and preparation of meat served at the taverna.


The Taverna was heavily damaged during the fall of Froúrio, and the proprietors were killed.


A must-see stop when visiting Froúrio, the Taverna served a wide variety of goat and lamb meals, as well as several grains, tubers, fungi and greens. However it was the fresh fish brought up from the docks daily that was the primary go-to meal of the locals. Inexpensive and perfectly prepared, many citizens would venture out to eat at the Taverna when their families were at the plantations, rather than rely on their local servants to cook.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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