Froúrio Shrine

The primary shrine in Froúrio. While formal religion is not a major part of life on Froúrio nisi, several ceremonies a year are carried out on its grounds. During special times of the year, such as new year or the winter solstice, devotions are made to the revered figure of Chryseis and several prominant natural spirits.


The shrine is fronted by a stone gate that demarks the sacred space of the shrine from the impure outside world.   A pathway leads from the gate to the main worship hall, where the traditional rituals for the people are conducted. A small stone offering box sits to the side of the path.   Behind the workshop hall is a separate sacred area, fenced off from the rest of the shrine area. This area is for the use only of the shrine priestesses and includes the most sacred portions of the shrine. It is here that magic to commune with the spirits of nature are performed.
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