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Chryseis (a.k.a. Demeter, Sif)

Ancient Golden Dragon

The ancient myths refer to the Chrysís as a keeper of knowledge, skill and bounty. Generally referred to in the feminine, the Golden dragon is believed to reside in the Dragonshome Islands, in what the locals have come to call Eleusis. She is the matriarch of all gold dragons.  

Southern Younger Races

The Humanité peoples have associated the ancient mythos of the golden dragon with Demeter, the goddess of harvest and agriculture. The Elder sister of Zeus, Demeter presides over the fertility of the earth.  

Northern Younger Races

The Norjord and Rus peoples have associated the ancient mythos of the golden dragon with a different earth goddess, Sif, wife of Thor. She is believed to emphasize skill in combat.   Her golden hair was made by the dwarves and enchanted to take root and grow on her head after Loki chopped off her natural hair as a joke.   Sif ’s cultists are generally excellent fighters of all sorts, and many are weapon masters. Those looking for instruction in the martial arts are well advised to seek one of her cults or temples. Sif's cult concerns herself with individuals involved in combat. Where Thor's cult emphasizes physical prowess, Sif emphasizes skill.  Good natured challenges between the two cults are common.
Current Residence


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