Froúrio Theatre

The large theatre is used for the production and presentation of plans and ceremonies acted out by the citizens of Froúrio or its students.


The orchestra is a a rectangular flat space between the seating area (the theatron) and the acting space (surrounded by the skene. A white marble curb forms around the space.   Unlike the typical semi-circular theatron found in most city-states theatres, the confines of the acropolis required that a more unusual series of linear rows of cut rock form the seating facing the orchestra.   The skene surrounds the acting floor, and often resembles the front facade of a palace or ancient temple. The skene is three stories high and includes entrance doorways and a series of highly placed niches where the statues of fantastic creatures or great figures of history overlook the stage.


The theatre was untouched as part of the fall of Froúrio in 4706 and served as a primary place of public gathering during the rebuilding of the city.
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