Akadimía Administrative Offices

The administrative centre for the Akadimía. Found at the far east side of the city of Froúrio on Froúrio nisí.

Special Properties

Located within the meeting room of the Scholárchi̱s is a magical device capable of holding a virtual meeting with the leaders of Eleusis. This is one of the best kept secrets of the building.


This large complex housed not only the administrative offices of the education complex, but also individual offices and workshops for the instructors, and several large instruction rooms. The facility sprawls over a large footprint, and is also over 3 stories in height. Several smaller chambers have also been dug out of the acropolis for more secure workspaces.


This building was heavily looted, but not significantly damaged during the fall of Froúrio. Oddly, there were several administrative areas that remained largely untouched. When the future citizens of the city discovered the rooms, they found badly burned bodies of invaders, but no significant theft or damage.
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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