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Episode 06: The Return

General Summary

The immediate aftermath

Kallisto rushes over and provides first aid to Cimon.   Cille and Kallisto then helps to set the sails and turn the ship south.   Magnus moves to the front of the ship, and sets down exhausted. He closes his eyes and leaning against the ship, sighs stops to consider what just occured.   Cille begins to collect the dead bodies of the Cave Bear Clan, searching them and and disposing of them over the side. The bosun of the Røyskatt have a magical bag, and Knute the Younger is wearing several items that radiate magic.   Kallisto and Ianthe move the dead Drákos and help to preserve them.  

Inspecting the ship

  Vulcan and Otlyn continues to search the ship. Near the mast, Otlyn discovers several sacks containing the raiders spoils.   Ianthe approaches Magnus and meekly asks to inspect the footlocker Magnus is sitting on. Magnus sighs, and rolls off the footlocker. Upon Magnus opening it, she begins to sob. Set amongst the special treasures are several items that were clearly family member items.   While comforting Ianthe, Magnus reaches into his pocket and discovers a note and small hankerchief. He recognizes them as Norjord runes and calls over Cille once she's done clearing the dead enemy bodies.   Cille translates the note. It's addressed to "Friends" with the simple message of "These will serve you when the time comes." The rest of the crew begins to gather as Cille inquires "What are 'these'?". Magnus shows the hankerchief. Vulcan gasps and asks Magnus to unfold the hankerchief -- carefuly -- and describes this as a storage space. Otlyn quickly sticks her head into the extradimensional space and discovers it filled with white and bronze dragon scales, along with a golden cube and a harp. Magnus hauls Otlyn out the hole holding the cube.   As the Ianthe drags over the footlocker and the bags from the mast, as well as the other items found and piles them together. Several of the items show auras of magic. The group has to persuade Otlyn to put her "friend" (the box) back.   After consideration she shares with Otlyn the bag of tricks. She guides Otlyn through reaching into the bag and suddenly Otlyn starts playing with a badger on the deck of the ship. The badger cavorts quickly around the deck and settles in Otlyn's lap. Otlyn hugs Ianthe, who responds "Thank you for being my friend."   Ianthe turns to Vulcan and shares the cloak with the words "Thank you for trying to save my grandfather."   Magnus investigates the cube, but is unable to make it work. Finally he picks up the harp.   The group divides the remaining items and keeps the coinage pooled. After discussion Vulcan shares his findings on the note that these can be forged as armor and shows the plans.   Ianthe then settles down and gathers her families items. She speaks quietly.   She turns to Otlyn and hands her the staff. "I'm going to need help."   Kallisto in turn declines her share of the bounty. In turn she asks Vulcan for the blade he discovered in the caves. After a brief discussion, he agrees and hands over the blade.   Cille claims the ancestral axe, bow and belt of the Cave Bear Clan. And the concensus is that she has first claim on the Røyskatt. Kallisto comments wryly, "At least you won't have to keep picking bows off dead people."   Cille growls after trying to put the belt on several times. Magnus's eyes Cille. "As a front line fighter, I think I can make good use of this." Cille uses this moment to challenge Magnus's behaviour at the caves. A tense back and forth begins over each other's failure to understand each other's values. Revenge and Justice.   Kallisto firmly interjects and reminds Cille that the group was actually on a mission from the Akadimía, and that it wasn't her prisoner, but rather she was leading the mission.   Cille shoves the belt into Magnus's hands and stalks off.  

The journey home

  Ianthe comes to terms that Phlios won't be caught and suggests that the group returns back to Asteriápolis and return the bodies and face the Assembly.   As tensions continue to cool, the group considers their options given the currents, the weather and the state of the ship. They agree to sail south, around the bottom of Megálo nisí and up to Asteriápolis. Magnus works with the others to reflag the ship.   The ship sails along the coast of Vóreio nisí. The lush green countryside is in stark contrast to the jagged peaks of the mountains, still snowcapped despite being midsummer. Fields of lavender, wheat and other forms of grain are interspersed with herds of animals grazing.   Continuing across the channel, the Røyskatt passes along the more tropical climates of Megálo nisí. The vegetation begins to change, and the journey becomes easier.   As the tensions begins to drain, and the group settles in for the long journey, individual stories of the past begin to emerge.  

Magnus's oath

Magnus struggles with reconciling what he experienced with the dogma of the church. The L'église universelle teaches that mythical beasts worshipped by the pagans are heretical and are only used to control the local populace. It's heresy to believe in them or that they are in anyway divine, or that they have aided the heros of the past.   Magnus shares with the group a bit about his background. He describes the decision to pledge an oath different to the crown that was taught. Magnus surprised his family, the Pope Augustinius and the Emperor Charles I by reciting the more ancient oath of devotion.  

The origins of the races

Along the way, Cille shares with the group her people's mythology, focusing on the giants.   This includes the idea that humans are "the younger races". Cille shares that her mother was an Elder (Goliath) and the Jarl's wife. This is the first time that   Ianthe chimes in that all magic comes from one of the bloodline of these elder and ancient races. The humans have never possessed any power on his own.  

Ancients' gift

Magnus shares the story of his sword, and its origin as the gift of dragons. Cille encourages him to continue. Magnus shares that his family doesn't believe that it's an ancestral blade. It's been ignored for generations. His aunt who helped him and nudged him towards the more ancient oath gave the sword to him as he was shuffled off to the Drákon League as a ward. The prior owner, his great uncle, was burned at the stake as a heretic, though the details are not widely known.   Magnus also shares some of the weapon's traits, including the its ability to bring forth lightning. "The weapon speaks to me... in dreams." Kallisto chuckles and quiettly mutters, "I'm glad I'm not the only one!"   Just before arrival at Asteriápolis, Vulcan completes his first masterpiece -- a variant of scale mail armor made from the scales of the defeated white dragon.   Vulcan shares that he might be able to attune Rollo the Bold's ax to Cille, given enough time and effort. Cille notices an odd effect when trying out the armor and considers whether to share.   Deciding it's worth sharing, quietly, Cille shares with Magnus "I don't know how to say this... With this new armor on, when I look at you two, you glow. Ianthe glows like a shining star, but you glow as well. With you saying your sword coming from dragons, I thought it might be the sword. But Ianthe isn't carrying anything."   Magnus responds "I'm sure it does..." Both of them turn and regard Ianthe. "But I'm not sure what any of this means anymore." Magnus shrugs the news off and says "No one else has ever told me this." After a pause, "In time, we'll see."  

Preparing to face the consequences

  The group agrees on the rough outline of the story. As Magnus put it, "I think simple is better. We caught up to the ship that we thought was carrying Ianthe's grandfather. We engaged, and the Maelstrom took down the Xifia." Kallisto shares that within the archons, it's likely safe to share the truth of the dragons, but that the decision of what to share with the demos should be agreed with them.   In particular the group agrees that they will not share the presence or the actions of the storm giant out of respect for her actions.

Rewards Granted

The party finds the following treasure in sacks stored near the mast of the ship.
  • 5 gold talents, 4 silver talents and 100 silver drachma - See Drákonian Currency
  • 2 black opals worth 4 gold talents
  • A obsidian cat statuette with gold fittings and inlay worth 3 gold talents
  • 3 potions of healing, 1 potion of superior healing
  Locked in a large footlocker in the prow of the ship are the items of note taken from the bodies of the Meletitís Family (Astériapólis).   The body of Knute the Younger is wearing a Belt of Frost Giant Strength and carrying his families ancestral great axe, and an Oathbow.   The body of the bosun has a Bag of Holding attached to his waist, containing:   The hankerchief is a Portable Hole filled with white and bronze dragon scales sufficient for up to 6 suits of armor along with the plans for such armor, a non-functional Cubic Gate and an Anstruth harp.


Note, some of this content was done offline or in session 7. It's been included with this report for session continuinty.
Cille Thalasopoúlou
Magnus Oddsson
Vulcan Kendall
Otlyn Venúék
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10 May 2020
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