Drákos Currency

The Drákon League currency comes in four denominations, each of a standard consistency enforced by law. The coins are minted by the individual city-states within the Drakon league.   For reference:
  • Two obols per day is enough to maintain a single individual at a basic level of subsistance.
  • One silver drachma was a day's pay for a foot soldier or skilled worker, two if accompanied by a slave.
  • A common slave can be purchased for one silver talent
  • The one hundred rowers who crew a trireme are paid a gold talent for one month's worth of work.


Material Characteristics

ObolAn copper, or sometimes bronze coin
Silver drachmaA silver coin
Gold drachmaAn gold coin
Silver talentA 5 pound trade bar of silver
Gold talentA 5 pound trade bar of gold

History & Usage

Everyday use

Required to make one:ObolSilver DrachmaGold DrachmaSilver TalentGold Talent
Silver Drachmas-1102502,500
Gold Drachams--125250
Silver Talents---110
Gold Talents----1
  Note: The conversions are different than the greek equivalent for RPG purposes. The ancient greek equivalents were approximately 1 drachma to 6 obol, 1 mina to 100 drachma, and 1 talent to 60 mina.


Trade & Market

The coins are regulated and can be used across the Drákon League city-states. They can be used in trade outside of the city-states, but exchange reates may not be fixed or consistent.   Lending institutions have recently developed within several of the city-states. These institutions, as well as state temples, can provide loans at interest rates from 5% to 15% annually, depending on circumstances and risk. Excessive rates (though not specified) are prohibited, and can be referred for prosecution.


Coinage can be stored on one's person, in a secure area in one's home (only for those with the means to protect it), state temples, and more recently in lending institutions within a particular city-states.   While not common, letters of credit can be used in long distance or large scale trade transactions.


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