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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Akadimía
23 Feb 2020 | Full

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  • Zihæt Known Lands
Supporting Cast
  • Kallisto Megalos
    Proud and powerful, Kallisto is the twin sister of Kyros Megalos and the daughter of one of the most prominent families in Astériapólis. Her swordsmanship is legendary, as is her temper. Kallisto is nearing her citizenship and the end of her time at the Akademía.
  • Kyros Megalos
    Kyros Megalos is arrogant and powerful. Twin brother to Kallisto Megalos, he has none of his sister's grace or temperance. Eldest child of one of the most prominent families in Astériapólis, he is always conscious of his public image and stature. Kyros is nearing his citizenship and the end of his time at the Akademía.
  • Phlios Meletitís
    A shorter, balding man wearing a traditional wrap.
  • Smaragda Prata
    Tall and thin woman, with dark hair. Brown eyes with green flecks. Wears a scimitar and a dagger at her waist.


Sessions Archive

16th May 2021

Session 31: Uncomfortable Voyages

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2nd May 2021

Session 30: You want us to do what?

The group is off on another adventure, with one or more unwanted companions.

11th Apr 2021

Session 29: The long walk down the hall

As the group works their way through monster after monster, what will they find at the end of the hall?

4th Apr 2021

Session 28: Now What?

The battles are over and won. The island begins to rebuild and tough choices await. But in the meantime, making their new home safe takes priority.

7th Feb 2021

Session 27: Reckoning

The final battle between Damian and his forces and the students.

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31st Jan 2021

Session 26: Damian's Fury

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20th Dec 2020

Session 25: Save the Children

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13th Dec 2020

Session 24: Rock Monster(s)?

The party returns to fulfil their commitment to the Myconid sovereign and defeat the rock monster. But what do you mean there's more than one?

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6th Dec 2020

Session 23: Difficult Decisions

The students become aware of the terrible fate awaiting one of their companions. Difficult decisions are made that will change the fate of the students, their allies in Froúrio and perhaps all of Zihæt.

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8th Nov 2020

Session 22: Decisions

The group coordinates with the citizens of Froúrio to begin the ritual. Meanwhile, the unlikely students seek out future steeds, and pick up a few tricks along the way.

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1st Nov 2020

Session 21: Endgame

Where the group confronts Smaragda and Phlios.

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18th Oct 2020

Session 20: Eleusis

Eleusis is a refuge. What happens when it's invaded?

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11th Oct 2020

Session 19: Down The River

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6th Sep 2020

Session 18: Posession

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23rd Aug 2020

Session 17: A Sad Story

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9th Aug 2020

Session 16: Caverns of Riches

Where does the shrine lead them?

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2nd Aug 2020

Session 15: Following the Oracle

Following Dorothea's prophetic direction, the group heads to the mythical stronghold of Eleusis

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26th Jul 2020

Session 14: Restoring Order

The risen dead have been put to rest for good. The refugees are tired and scared. The students are exhausted, and have begun the task of cleaning out the city when a Norjord ship arrives on the horizon.

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19th Jul 2020

Session 13: OMG Zombies!

A kidnapping, an assassination attempt, foreign invasion, dragons, giants, a slave revolt and now Zombies?! It must be 2020, errr… 4706.

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28th Jun 2020

Session 12: Froúrio Destroyed

Destruction beyond anything the party has experienced in the island league.

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21st Jun 2020

Session 11: Chaos in Froúrio

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14th Jun 2020

Session 10: Not All is as it Seems

After the failed attacks, preparing for what happens next.

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6th Jun 2020

Session 9: Fallout

Discussing Ianthe's future, a surprise attack.

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17th May 2020

Session 8: The Hero

Word of the group's accomplishments spread.

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10th May 2020

Session 7: Face the Music

The players return Ianthe and Kallisto to Astériapólis to share the outcome of their mission.

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3rd May 2020

Session 6: The Return

The party escapes the dragon's maw, and has to decide where to go and how to handle what they've learned.

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26th Apr 2020

Session 5: Escape the Dragon's Maw

The party has captured the Norjord longship and now faces difficult decisions as they and the Xifia are caught in the Dragon's Maw at the conjunction of the three moons of Zihæt.

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19th Apr 2020

Session 4: The Chase

The party begins the pursuit of Phlios's captor.

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5th Apr 2020

Session 3: Aftermath

The aftermath of the incident in the cave.

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29th Mar 2020

Session 2: The Rescue (Part 2)

The party continues to clear out the cave system, only to find an unexpected surprise.

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22nd Mar 2020

Session 1: The Rescue (Part 1)

The students are called upon for a bit of extra-curricular activity.

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23rd Feb 2020

Session 0: Class Assignment

Introduction to each other and the world.

The Protagonists

Ianthe Meletitís

Cille Flokisdottir

Magnus Oddsson