Lead Instructor

The six lead instructors of the Akadimía each were responsible for one core subject.   Subjects included:   These instructors covered up to four courses per day, and were usually supported by 1-2 Assistant Instructor.



The lead instructor must have completed the full academic credential at the Drákonian Akadimía, in their chosen area of study. For potential instructors from outside of the Dragonshome Islands, a demonstration of mastery of the course material would serve as an alternative means of qualification.   Lead instructors must have completed a term as an assistant instructor before being promoted to lead instructor.

Career Progression

Lead instructors are at the top of their field. One might assume the overall administrative role as the Scholárchi̱s when the previous lead retires.

Payment & Reimbursement

Assistant instructors were given a stipend of 5 gold drachma per day, in addition to other perks.

Other Benefits

Instructors were given a suite of rooms in the Akadimía Administrative Offices for their own use. These included sleeping quarters, as well as work rooms and meeting rooms.   If not already a citizen, attaining the rank of instructor also included full citizenship.   In addition to full use of the Akadimía's research facilities, instructors were also given acess to raw materials at the university free of charge.


Social Status

Instructors were of high social status within the island of Froúrio nisí. Their rank was less prestigious in the sponsoring city-states, but was generally respected.


The ranks of instructors were filled from all families and all sponsoring city states. In addition, at least one instructor was from outside of the islands.


The rank of lead instructor was created with the school. At the time of the attacks on Froúrio in 4706, there were six active lead instructors all who were killed or presumed dead following the attacks.
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Current Lead Instructors
Leadership: Nausicaa Mégalou
Law: Hermon Kynigós
Natural Philosophy: Circe Petropoúlou
Physiology: Hippokratides Angélos
Mathematics: Eucleides Sidéris
Theory of Magic: Althea Aeraspoúlou


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