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Citizen Status

Drákon League confers Citizens rights and responsibilities that slaves, foreigners, and other people who were considered subordinate did not possess. Each city-state limits citizenship to children born to citizens, and those who have performed a significant term of service to the state (An act of heroism on behalf of the League, graduation from the Akademiá, or a two year term of service in civil or military corps). Nominally awarded on one's 18th birthday.   Citizenship meant sharing in the duties and privileges of membership in the polis, or city-state. Citizens are required to fight in defense of the polis and expected to participate in the political life of the city by voting and participation on juries, where required. In return, they are the only ones allowed to own land and to hold political office. Because citizens control the wealth and power of the polis, the city-states carefully regulates who can obtain citizenship.   A Resident is a freeman who does not have the privileges of Citizenship.


  • Birth parent (either) was a Citizen at the time of child’s birth and has reached the age of majority
  • Freeman or manumitted slave who has graduated from Akademiá, has completed of two years of civil or military service, or other act of heroism on behalf of the state.
  • Citizens are required to furnish themselves with sufficient military equipment.


Citizenship ceremony where the head of the city state confers citizenship and confirms completion of requirements.


Upholding the dignity of a citizen of the Drákon League.   Train regularly and remain fit for duty, should the need arise.


Participation in direct democracy (Assembly).   Participation in jury trial when selected (by lot)   Payment of taxes   Participation in the defense of the state


Citizens are the only class permitted to own property.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Citizens can be stripped of their Citizenship if they are convicted of a felony offense by a jury of fellow citizens. Usually this is a serious crime such as Murder, or a willful failure to perform a significant duty such as participation in a military levy.
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