Althea Aeraspoúlou

Professor Althea Aérasopoulos

The former Lead Instructor Instructor of Theory of Magics, Althea was one of the faculty resisting during the Fall of Froúrio.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

One of the oldest instructors at the Akadimia, she has had a long and distinguished career.   In her early travels, she made it to the western continent. There, she became a student of the Persopoulos. She did not disclose this to anyone on her return, but was tasked with watching over the Dao.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She is one of the only individuals known to have achieved capability in Natural Magic, Bloodline magic and Primal magic.

Mental Trauma

She was terribly frightened of death, and had long sought a means of avoiding it.

Personality Characteristics


Althea's primary focus is knowledge and understanding of the magic of Zihæt. As a member of the Order of Akadimía, she is responsible for developing the groups understanding of the foundational magical nature of Zihæt and ensuring that it is used for the benefit of the world, and any future conflict with The Morningstar.

Personality Quirks

She can be quite distracted, and shows non-linear thinking.


Contacts & Relations

Althea has maintained contacts with nearly every powerful individual, institution or other organization that she has come into contact with. She is an excellent judge of what is of value to those individuals and proactively seeks to keep them happy or, perhaps, in her debt.

Family Ties

Althea kept close ties throughout the Aérasopoulos Family, though she took no official role in the family itself. Like most of her kin, she had a keen understanding of the baser of human instincts that let her navigate society without being taken in.

Religious Views

Recently Althea has begun to adopt views quite strange to the Drákon League. Instead she has started to harken back to many of the views originally espoused by the long lost Persopoulos Tribe.


Althea can be somewhat mercurial. She at times will listen intently, and demonstrate a deep caring for the struggles of a student. At other times, she can be short and dismissive.   Althea develops deep relationships with her favorite students, particularly those that she feels can either help in her research, or show the potential to advance the field. Struggling students are generally dismissed, or given to her Assistant Instructor's care.

Hobbies & Pets

Althea kept a small dragon-like creature as a familiar.

Wealth & Financial state

In life, Althea remained one of the most wealthy of the instructors at the Akadimía. She kept much of that wealth hidden away, and used it to finance explorations, travel and other means of gaining more knowledge. No one knows what happened to it after her death.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
4637 4706 69 years old
Circumstances of Death
Came close to death in the fall of Froúrio, executed contingency to become a Lich and avoid turning into a wight.
Current Residence
Lost Palace of Persopoulos
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
Amazing! Not.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Jotun, Drákonic, Primordial, The Human Tongue, The Elder Tongue.


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