Froúrio Range

While the range may seem imposing, it stands in the shadow of the much larger Mount Eleusis, a dormant stratovolcano whic rises 3500m off the island's surface.   The northeastern side of the range at higher elevations is covered in the Kédros forest. The southeastern side of the range and lower elevations are covered in a maple and bamboo forests known as the Sfentámi forest.   A marine layer forms in the evenings prior to daybreak on the western slopes of the mountain range. In the early evening, it has been known to boil over into the valley to the east of the mountains with spectacular views. The layer covers the forests below in mists and burns off in the early daylight hours.


The Froúrio range spans the center of Froúrio nisí from Lake Eleusis in the south west, to the low hills of the island's northeast. The range is over 175km in length and it's highest point is Mount Kore, standing 1172m at its peak.

Fauna & Flora

The most famous bird on the island Crested Ibis. Also common in the settled area around the island are the more common white Ibis. The island is the only known nesting place for these birds and are often used as symbols for local businesses, ceremonies and family heraldry.

Natural Resources

The volcanic activity which formed the island has left it incredibly rich in minerals. Currently the presence of thees minerals are known only to a select few on the island and their presence has been hidden from the Drákon League. Even the Black Drákons are unaware of its existance.  




Very Rare

Silver, Iron, Nickel, and Copper, Zinc, Titanium (as Ilmenite). Gemstone deposits ranging from peridot to diamond. Graphite.
Metal deposits including Gold, Tin, Tungsten, Magneisum, Cobalt, PGE-Chromium, Molybdenum. Gemstone deposits including emerald, sapphire and ruby.
Metal deposits including Selenium, Manganese, Cadmium, Aluminium and Zirconium. Gemstone deposits including opal and black opal near the lakebed.
Mercury (as Cinnabar), Lead, Antimony, Bismuth and other less common elements can be found.


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