Eleusis, Caverns of Danger, 05. Cave of Crystals


A thick mix of mud and bat guano covers the ground. This irregularly shaped 40' diameter cavern is dotted with debris. Large crystaline deposits line the western wall, along with a vein of silver.


Two passages enter the cavern, one from the northeast and one from the southwest.

Sensory & Appearance

The cavern has a peaceful flutterning noise as nearly 30 bats cling to the ceiling and swoop back and forth below the 30-foot-high ceiling.


Three xorn feast on crystals near the western edge of the cavern.   A xorn’s unnatural origins are suggested by its unusually heavy body and the large, powerful mouth sitting atop its head. Its three long arms are each tipped with sharp talons, and its three large, stone-lidded eyes see in all directions.  


The xorn protect their crystalline food source. If a xorn loses more than half its hit points, it disengages from combat on its next turn and sinks into the floor, never to return.   Xorn scour the depths of the earth for precious metal and stones. Because they are unable to consume organic material, they ignore most other creatures. However, a xorn’s ability to sniff out metals and stones often draws its attention to adventurers carrying coins and gems. Because a xorn isn’t evil, it pleads or bargains in the hope of convincing owners to give up their treasure, offering up information it has learned from its travels in exchange. A xorn whose requests are ignored might resort to threats and bullying. If starving or angered, it resorts to force.


Once the xorn are defeated, the characters can retrieve 40 fist-sized crystals worth 10 gold drachma each.

Hazards & Traps

Difficult Terrain. Treat this area as difficult terrain.
Room, Natural, Cavern
Parent Location


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