Eleusis, Caverns of Danger, 04. The Alchemist


The walls are set with shelves at various heights. They hold numerous gourds, most of which contain failed alchemical elixirs. A rough-hewn block of stone in the middle of the cave serves as a table. It is covered with a set of alchemist’s supplies.


In this cavern, a green slaad posing as a human alchemist makes its home. Almost a year ago, the green slaad was drawn to Eleusis, deprived of its control gem, and set loose by Halaster. It has explored several levels of the dungeon in its quest to find the gem. For now, it has adopted the guise of a scatterbrained, shabbily dressed young man who has, for reasons he would rather not divulge, set up an alchemist’s lab in this cave. The slaad refers to itself only as “the Alchemist” and claims to have stumbled upon this place ages ago, from where, it can’t remember.   Chryseis tolerates the Slaad as it supplies the Kobolds with necessary supplies.   The Alchemist bargains with creatures for materials it needs, trading potions for fungi and equipment. What it’s really looking for is its control gem, which it senses is close by (see area 21a). It doesn’t want help finding the gem, though, for fear that the treasure might fall into the hands of those who try to control the slaad. If the characters obtain the gem and return it to the Alchemist, it cheers, turns invisible, and flees with the gem.   If the characters seem interested in knowing more about the Caverns, the slaad warns them about the ropers in area 6. Also, it has struck up a friendship with the “two-headed giant” in Area 2 and urges the characters to speak with it, since it has lived on this level for a long time.


Potions for Sale

The Alchemist is happy to trade potions for supplies. For one potion, it demands 20 pounds of edible fungi and five tongues of madness (which characters can harvest from the surrounding caves), plus 50 gp worth of adventuring gear. The Alchemist has no use for coins, gemstones, art objects, or magic items. Each time the characters pay the Alchemist a visit, it has one of each of the potions described below available to trade. Each potion is a common magic item. It keeps these potions on its person, and a sneaky character can try to pilfer one with a successful Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check contested by the slaad’s Wisdom (Perception) check.  

Potion of Comprehension.

When you drink this potion, you gain the effect of a comprehend languages spell for 1 hour. This liquid is a clear concoction with bits of salt and soot swirling in it.  

Potion of Watchful Rest.

When you drink this potion, you gain the following benefits for the next 8 hours: magic can’t put you to sleep, and you can remain awake during a long rest and still gain its benefits. This sweet, amber-colored brew has no effect on creatures that don’t require sleep, such as elves.
Room, Natural, Cavern
Parent Location


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