Eleusis, Caverns of Danger, 02. Jibber-Jabber


This large cavern is approximately 130 feet in length and 30 feet in width. Needle-sharp stalactites stud the 30-foot-high ceiling. Barrelstalk, bluecap, and ripplebark fungi grow in irregular patches throughout the cavern.


The northeast portion of the room has two exits to the southeast. The southern portion of the room has two small passages heading south, and there is one final passage headed west.


Ettin. An ettin inhabits this dripping cave. The ettin’s heads are named Jibber and Jabber, and they get along well — an unusual state of affairs for an ettin. This situation might be the result of the ettin’s having a comfortable home and all the food it could desire. The ettin also has a friendly neighbor in the Alchemist (see area 4), who provides Jibber-Jabber with compost that transforms the water in barrelstalk mushrooms into mead. The only thing Jibber-Jabber is missing in its simple life is treasure to ogle. If the characters offer it 50 gp or more in coins, gems, and shiny art objects, the ettin allows them to pass through its domain and even harvest some fungus if they please. Jibber-Jabber might also impart the following useful information.  
  • “Spider people” (drow) are living in the caves to the east. They are new neighbors.
  • The “fishy folk” (kuo-toa) and the “stinky lizards” (troglodytes) seem troubled and are moving about more than usual. (The ettin has not yet encountered the aboleth and knows nothing about its conflict with the kuo-toa.)
  • The water in the river has started to taste bad. (The ettin has not yet been poisoned by the water, which the aboleth has tainted with its presence.)
  • If the characters look like they could use more help, the ettin suggests they talk to the Alchemist and points them eastward. Jibber-Jabber describes the Alchemist as “smart, handsome, and small, but with a big smile.”
Room, Natural, Cavern
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