Mount Eleusis

Mount Eleusis is the largest mountain peak on Froúrio Nisí and one of the largest in the Dragonshome Islands. Mount Eleusis stands over 3500m in height and is snowcapped year round.


A majestic dormant stratovolcano, the mountain stands solitary at the southern end of the island and is clearly visible from both Froúrio and the smaller outlying islands.

Localized Phenomena

There are various cloud shapes that can appear over Mount Eleusis depending on the current weather conditions. The locals have sayings such as, "If Mount Eleusis is wearing its hat, then it will rain soon," and "One hat means rain, two hats mean rain and wind," and these indicators have been able to predict rain within 24 hours of the sighting.   For those observing Mount Eleusis from the western shore of Lake Eleusis the view of the suns appearing from or disappearing behind the mountain can be a moving experience.

Fauna & Flora

Over 37 species of mammals have been recorded living on Mount Eleusis, including many animals associated with the Younger Races such as foxes, tanuki, squirrels, and a wide variety of birds.   From the base of the mountain to approximately 1600 meters the vegetation consists largely of beech, maples, bamboo, cedar and cypress. From 1600 to approximately 2500 meters, the vegetation transitions to fir and hemlock. In the range of 2500-2750 meters, the vegetation gives way to scrub, moss and lichens.

Natural Resources

Mining and foresting has been prohibited on Mount Eleusis for its recent history.


The volcano is currently dormant with its last minor eruption occuring in 4394.


Mount Eleusis has a long history with the inhabitants of Froúrio nisí as a place of recreation, as well as a place of spiritual retreat.   Climbing the mountain was and still is regarded as an important pilgrimage, an act which became popular even for those with no particular religious affiliation. The climb, usually undertaken in the peak of summer when the snow has largely melted from the peak, takes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.   The mountain is common in art across the Drákon League and commonly associated with the festivals and spiritual activities held at the Drákonian Akadimía.   A permanent, fortified encampment can be found on the northern edge of Lake Eleusis with a stunning view of the mountain in front, and the larger range behind. The volcanic activity on the island itself has led several hot springs to be incorporated into the fortification.
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Cover image: Mount Fuji (Fujison), Honshu, Japan. by Mike Photo Corner


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Loosely based on Mount Fuji on Honshu, Japan.

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