Eleusis River

The Eleusis river flows from Lake Eleusis to the @sea, past Froúrio through a wide swath of bamboo and maple forest. Residents of Froúrio have been known to spend their leisure time near the lake and then take the rslow moving river back down to the city.


The river winds from its headlands in the marshy areas around Lake Eleusis down through the Sfentámi forest and out past Froúrio. The river is deep enough to support shallow bottom boat travel, but not large deep draft vehicles.

Localized Phenomena

During the early mornings, a deep fog can emerge along the river. This is pronounced in the winter times as the water is warmed by geothermal activity around the Lake Eleusis area. In the deep winter, ice fog can form.

Fauna & Flora

The river is full of smelt, trout and other lake fish that make their way into the river searching for food. A variety of reptile, amphibian and insect life are also abundant along its winding path. Many of the islands avian species can also be found along the river banks.


The Iófus Caldera containing Lake Eleusis formed during an eruption of a volcano in 2850. In the process, the water flow redirected the river away from its original route and onto its current path.
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