Froúrio Citizens Quarter

This area of the city is home to many ornate dwellings for the Citizens of Froúrio. Primarily used by when they are visiting from their plantations with their immediate family and servants, these buildings are opulant, but not overly large.


The typical citizen's city-home would have an entrance hall which led to a large covered court at the centre. The kitchen was generally located just off the court next to the entrance for ease of use and stocking. A small meeting room for business and living room adorned the back of the building, while one or two functional rooms the use of servants could commony be found on the first floor. The second floor of the building was largely dedicated to sleeping areas for the family. For larger buildings, a third story may have been added. This often occurred after a son or daughter's family moved into the home as well.


Many of these homes were damaged during the fall of Froúrio and the hunting of the citizens. Following the fall, the new citizens prioritized the repair and reconstruction of these buildings to house refugees and workers.
House, Large


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