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Slave (Commodity)

Slaves are common, and a given city often has nearly as many slaves as citizens. Even the poorest of citizens can afford a slave. A common addage to peasant farmers is to "get a house, a bought woman and an ox for ploughing." The average affluent citizen owns between two and three slaves, and the rich can afford between 10-20. By encouraging procreation, owners could add to their stock without making additional purchases.


Material Characteristics

Slaves are marked with a Slave Tatoo at the time of sale. Slave tatoos can only be removed through a special freeing ritual closely guarded by the slave masters and temples of the Drákon League.

Origin & Source

A free person can be made a slave by:
  1. Capture / surrender in war or other armed conflict (prisoner of war)
  2. A freeman found guilty of certain felony crimes.
  3. Saling oneself or one's family member into servitude in order to cover a debt.
  Note a citizen cannot sell himself into debt.

History & Usage


Slaves are a construct introduced with the younger races.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Slaves are both a practical reality, as well as a sign of wealth and prestige.

Industrial Use

Slaves are used not only for household crafts, but also by the state for large public works. It's not unusual for craftsmen such as masons, etc. to be a mix of slaves and freemen.


Trade & Market

Each of the city-states of the Drákon League has one or more slave markets associated with it.  
Poor qualityCommon50 silver drachma
Average qualityCommon1 silver talent
High quality / Valuable SkillUncommon2 silver talents
Excellent Quality / Unique SkillRare4 silver talents
One of a kindVery Rare1 gold talent
  Twenty percent of the cost of the slave is a tax payable to the city-state on purchase, transfer or manumission by the current owner/seller of the slave. Failure to pay the tax is a felony punishable by fine and/or ostracism.


Slaves are often kept within the family household, either on the grounds outside of the home or in barracks reserved for slaves.

Law & Regulation

Slaves have a specific legal status within the Drákon League. See Slave for more detail.
50 silver drachma - 1 gold talent, varies by quality.
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