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Southern Tricoven

The Witches dispelled the spell put on the Shore Guard by Deep-Sea Witch's Blue Clouds and immediately started barking orders. It was rare to see them all work together, usually situations like that has been dealt of only by the Minister of Defense, so it was easy to forget that in the past they fought together. Even the Minister of Trade showed up for some reason. It seemed like something big was about to happen.
Chronicler of Golvageth, entry 632
  Once, during the Age of War, Witch covens formed left and right. Sharing the same goal, increasing their power, or simply keeping each other safe, there were many reasons to form one of them. But even back then, it was pretty rare for two or more covens to form an alliance between each other. Even rarer was for that alliance to last more than a few years.   And then there was the Southern Tricoven.  


Southern Supply Caravan

Witch of Words - Witch specializing in Blue and Green magic, she's the seeker of the truth. She joined her coven to gain more knowledge by travelling. After overtaking Golvageth, she became Librarian and ordered the construction of Golvageth's Library. Rockwing.   Treasurer - apparently, she hated her title so much, she stopped using it. Specializing in Yellow and Red magic, she created one of the safest banks in the southern part of the continent. Beteclaw   The Bartering Witch - also known in the present as Minister of Trade. Since childhood, she wanted to be a merchant. She specializes in Blue magic, especially illusions. Beteclaw.  

Sisters of Crown

While each one of them rules the different part of the Tricity of Golvageth, almost nothing is known about them. Known only as Queens of Golthera, Valsara, and Gethen, they control everything from the shadows.  

Coven of Steel and Needle

Southern Witch of Weaponry - in the past, one of the more famous warriors, specializing in Red magic, she created weapons which she used to kill hundreds. Once she finished fighting, she became a blacksmith and that's when she met the other two members of her coven. Now known as the Minister of Defense of Golvageth. Human.   It's impossible to find the titles of the other two members of her coven, as one has been killed during the Battle of the Rosy Stream and the other one left shortly after it happened. Apparently, the Southern Witch of Weaponry didn't want for the descendants of those who destroyed her coven to ever speak the names of her friends, so she asked for them to be stricken down from the record.  

An alliance

A few days after leaving Golvageth, on the road back north, Coven of Steel and Needle came in contact with Southern Supply Caravan. Without any hostility between them, the two groups decided to travel together. The same night, at the campsite, they shared their stories about how the people from the south wronged them. During their conversations, strangers approached their camp. It was the Sisters of Crown. Having their own goal in mind, they convinced the other two covens to join them in taking over the city as an act of revenge.  

Overtaking the city

In the year 752, four of the members of the tricoven met and gave an ultimatum to the three kings of Golvageth, Should they not surrender, they would be killed. The kings refused to obey such an order and formed an army. The ensuing battle became known as the battle of the Rosy Stream and was a terrifying display of powers that Witches hold. Their power was so overwhelming, the battle became one of the last battles of the Age of War. It was the birth of the Age of Witches.
Controlled Territories

Three parts, three goals

Southern Supply Caravan - A coven which in the beginning supported anyone who had the money with weaponry and supplies during the Age of War. Once they raised enough funds, they decided to open a trading route between the less populated south and the central countries of the continent. When the Three Southern Kings of Golvageth prohibited them from trading with the people of their city, the Witches decided to turn against them.   Sisters of Crown - A coven that pretty early after its creation decided to invade and overtake one of the countries. While they were pushed down south by many stronger covens, they finally found their target, the Tricity of Golvageth.   Coven of Steel and Needle - Coven interested in craftsmanship and learning new arts. After finishing with their bloody pasts, they decided to travel to Golvageth to learn about things related to crafting things from Azure Kelps and about Color embroidery popular in the area. Shortly after opening their businesses within the city, they were sabotaged, false rumors were spread about them, and hostility against them grew until they had to leave the city.  


During the battle of Rosy Stream, one of the Witches, member of a Coven of Steel and Needle has been killed. The coven never recovered from that, and while the Southern Witch of Weaponry stayed, her friend couldn't handle staying in the place where they lost their friend and left, never to be seen by the tricoven again.

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30 Dec, 2020 03:16

Ah, so the world was not always ruled by witches. good to know. Also good to know that not all witches are created equally evil; seems like the witches of the crown are behind all the worst stuff.