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Introduction to Cadmeia.

Created by Elias . A


"Our fortress amongst the stars, it serves as a home for many of us. It was forged as a symbol of defiance towards our mortal enemy. To deter him from threatening the homeworld of mankind. And we shall defend it till our last dying breath"
  Cadmeia is one of the five planets of the Gehennian gate, a region of inhabited space surrounding The great rift, a gigantic Void fissures. The void fissure is a gaping hole that punctures the very fabric of reality and creates an unstable passage to The void, which makes this the single largest source of demonic corruption and demonic sanctuary in the entire milky way galaxy. For centuries, Cadmeia has endured against the unholy crusades of Kerr, a relentless dark god who will stop at nothing to regain his position as the rightful master of all of reality, space, time and existence. Cadmeia"s inhabitants have endured, fought and sacrificed for all of mankind. Just to keep Kerr from reawakening.   The world itself is a lush, cool and beautiful one. Many people come to visit it from all parts of the galaxy to experience its natural beauty, despite the risk of demonic invasion. The harsh yet beautiful nature of their world, combined with a strict training regimen from birth and universal conscription for all, makes the inhabitants of this world some of the toughest soldiers mankind has ever seen. They have protected the heartland of mankind for centuries. But times have changed and so have the fortunes for all of mankind.   In 2980, a massive demonic crusade unlike anything mankind had ever seen had for the first time in history. Despite the valiant effort by mankind , Cadmeia was overrun and breached for the first time in centuries and except for a few pockets of resistance, all humans on Cadmeia lay dead or dying. In the midst of the turning tides of war, a legendary group of warriors including the cadmeians Lorann sanguinus meros and Aiden Tallorann start a journey across the universe and beyond in order to retrieve a number of artifacts left behind by the Ancients, a mysterious and enigmatic race of aliens who disappeared from the universe ages ago. As they embark on their journey, they shall witness an emotional adventure of hope, clarity, love , sadness , joy, anger and death in their search for the things that may very well turn the tide of the war. A war that they desperately hope to win for a life of peace and happiness with their beloved ones.  

What is Cadmeia?

  Cadmeia is one of the myriad millions of planets in the universe of Ad infinitum, being one of the most important ones to mankind as well. Originally settled over 800 years ago, it has withstood countless demonic invasions and served as a bastion of mankinds strength in the galaxy. However, after its fall in 2980, mankind has found itself in an ever worsening war. In a desperate attempt to save mankind, a group of 16 warriors known as the vessels of the titans go across the entire universe and beyond for the artifacts of the ancients, an enigmatic alien race that mysteriously disappeared many billions of years ago. As they embark on their journey, they shall witness an emotional adventure of love, kindness, forgiveness, death, war and darkness in a battle they desperately hope to win.  

Who are the main factions in Ad infinitum?

  The universe of Ad infinitum has 5 main factions which together, compose the Alliance. A gigantic coalition of many hundreds of thousands of alien races each led by the five great races.  


"The Aenarri were not at all like mankind beyond their outer shell. They walked with such an inhuman grace and liquidity that i could just not take my eyes off them. They were slender, yet muscular and easily able to pummel a man to death with their fists, let alone having to use their teeth. I am glad that we could have had such a powerful race on our side'
  The Aenarri are a race of fey like humanoids and the strongest race in the entire universe. They lead the bulwark of defence against the breaker and are his greatest enemies besides mankind. Having fought for billions of years against the breaker, they have known a lot of his tactics and will not go down till Kerr is banished from the realms of reality and existence.


The Lycans are a species of gigantic anthropomorphic bloodthirsty wolf like race who are often known as the hammer of the lord for their ferocity. They were ancient humans who rebelled against god during the sundering ten billion years ago, when Kerr partially rewoke and almost destroyed all of reality. Having suffered for being deceived by the breaker, the Lycans are completely adamant in their brutal war against Kerr, being merciless to all the beings that even remotely support him.  


  A reptilian race from the reaches of the andromeda galaxy, the Saurians play a very important role in the alliance, using their gigantic empires enormous military and economic power to arm and defend other races in the great war against the breaker.  


  A mysterious, humanoid cephalopodic race from the triangulum galaxy that are close allies of the Saurians.The charybdians are known for being an aloof and mysterious race, with only the Saurians able to understand them to a certain extent. Nevertheless, the charybdians have provided enormous amounts of support and resources to The Alliance and have fought side by side on the fields of battle alongside their alien brethren.  


The last and youngest great power in the universe, mankind is the smallest and arguably the weakest of the great powers. What they lack in territory and strength however, they make up for in an undying determination to defeat Kerr and his armies , staying united even in the hardest of times and aggressively attacking the breaker and his forces whenever they are found, not unlike the Lycans. Mankind is also implicated in an old prophecy as the race that would bring on the final ruin of Kerr, with Deus Carmina being supposed to be a human being as well.  

What are the main themes of Ad infinitum?

As stated before, Ad infinitum mostly focuses on the themes of Love, war, death , hope, despair and powering through darkness and fighting on even when all hope seems lost. The world might be a very bleak one but in there, everyone is constantly working together to improve the world around them and protect the ones they love, all for that faint light of hope that they crave so much for. Another of the themes explored in this setting is the struggle and pains that good and innocent people have to endure and the theme of sacrifice for the greater good of all mankind. Blended amongst this is a repertoire of military humor, dark jokes, people enjoying the little good things in life with their loved ones and many more smaller themes.  

How did the inspiration and idea come for Ad infinitum?

  Ad infinitum is very heavily inspired by warhammer 40k and evangelion. I even got the inspiration for it after playing my first game of tabletop 40k at a friends house on a snowy winters night in October 2012 . I began to read about the series before that but it wasn't before my first game that i really got into it. I discovered the very unique and diverse genre of science fantasy and absolutely fell in love with it. One thing that always bugged me out however was the sheer grimdarkiness of it at times that just felt too edgy. It being all bleak and such made me very pissed off and i decided to make a story as epic or even more epic than warhammer 40k whilst keeping it a bit more realistic and toning down the grimdarkiness to make it grimbright or as I like to say, nobledark. Flash forward 6 more years and i am on a road to publish this alongside my epic dark and high fantasy novel series, The Sanguine war series .  

Plans for Ad infinitum


Short stretch goals

These are the goals i have in my mind for this year .
  1. Finish up writing the main factions, important characters and events of the world of ad infinitum.
  • 2. Finish up the timeline of the world and major events and characters
  • 3. Start making maps and artwork for the project.

Middle term goals

These are the middle term goals that i want to do in roughly 4 or 5 years from now.  
  1. Finish up the main story and make it ready for querying
  • Start monetizing my work and get ready for a kickstarter.
  • Try to get more and more connections in the creative communities

Long term goals

These are the goals i wont do for at least another decade or till the novel has been published
  1. Contact an anime studio for making a series out of the novel
  • 2. Start making a game about Ad infinitum
  • 3. Expand to movies , tv series and the like

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15 Jun, 2019 20:58

Hey Redclaw, saw this on the stream today and thought I'd relay what Barron said about it.   Generally, he liked it a lot! He said was that the first few paragraphs could be put into easier to read sections and that you can make more use of the sidebar for some of the information. You can also write less; you can make articles for a lot of this information so this one's not as big.   I love it a lot too btw. Very complete, and I like the idea of short term and longer term goals for Ad Infinitum! Thanks for the gift! :)