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Void fissures

Void fissures are the most dangerous type of void phenomena occuring within realspace. The fissures can vary in size from a skyscraper to tens of thousands of light years. They are ruptures in the fabric of reality and space time and also serve as natural gateways to The void. The main danger of void storms is not the storm itself but the malevolent entities residing inside it, Demons. Close to a void fissure, humans and other weak willed alien species begin to experience symptoms of dementia, schizophrenia, Insanity , Rage and many other mental breakdowns and negative emotions. Most of the times around big void fissures, demons constantly or near constantly pour out and seek human settlements on planets, moons, asteroids and other places to kill them and consume their souls to satiate their hunger. The closure of void fissures is one of the most important goals of the The imperial terran federation and they have been experimenting alongside the other races of the Alliance on how to close void fissures for the past 800 or so years and promote polar opposites of them, Heaven fissures for springing up in the galaxy.


Void fissures usually manifest as gigantic holes into reality. They can be naturally occuring or artifical, made by experiments gone wrong or the fabric of reality being torn apart in any other way

Metaphysical, Demonic

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