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B 2
A 2
I 3
C 2
W 2
P 2
Wounds 12/12
Strain 12/12
Soak 2
Defence M0/R0

Parties & Groups

The Free Men

Storytelled by GorgeFodder
Played by
Species Human
Career Chipper
Player Maxwell

Bra 2
Agi 2
int 3
cun 2
will 2
pre 2
General Skills
Career Ranks
computers c c c
cool d d
discipline c d
mechanics d d d
skullduggery c d
stealth c d
survival c d
Non-Career Ranks
astrocartography d d d
athletics d d
coordination d d
driving d d
medicine d d d
operating d d d
perception c d
piloting d d
resilience d d
streetwise d d
Total XP 155
Free XP 0
Social Skills
Career Ranks
Non-Career Ranks
charm d d
coercion d d
deception d d
leadership d d
negotiation c d
Knowledge Skills
Career Ranks
Non-Career Ranks
The Matrix c d d
Combat Skills
Career Ranks
ranged-light c c
Non-Career Ranks
brawl d d
gunnery d d
melee-light d d
melee-heavy d d
ranged-heavy d d
Wound Threshold 12
Current Wounds 12
Strain Threshold 12
Current Strain 12
Soak Value 2
Melee/Range Defence 0 / 0
Weapon Stats
Name Skill Dmg Crit Rng Special

Tier One Talents
Tier Two Talents
Tier Three Talents
Tier Four Talents
Tier Five Talents
Special Abilities
Wed 20th Mar 2019 03:49

We aren't under the radar anymore

by Thedoras


------>Input Password



------>Accessing Databanks

------>Enter Destination


------>Engaging SysLock



------>Are you sure?

------>Rerooting Memories

------>Forwarding Data Recovery

------>Welcome Back Michael


>We got the core. We did it, but by the grace of faith did we manage to get out of there. Using the map of the area, we planned our assualt, it should have been so easy and simple. In and out, no fuss, no muss.<

>Turns out, our friends within the eels decided to give us a little advantage. And by advantage, I mean completely annihilating the power grid and causing a fire on the other side of the complex. This core must have some incredible data on it.<

>The plan was simple. Morebitz, dressed as an inconcievable "Dwarf" was to provide ample distraction to the security forces as we made our way in. However due to the Eels help, he not only managed to walk through the front door, but undetected and straight to us. Unbelievable.<

>We headed down into the subbasement to retrieve the data core, but I couldnt even begin to explain the tech this place had. It was astonishing for an oil concern. Maybe there is more funding to this place from other benefactors. I'll have to see if our new friends have any information<

>Upon our escape Doc got shot, while Ebbon saved his ass. I often think that Doc doesnt realise that he isnt like the rest of us, and isnt suited for this life. Despite his crazy nanotech. Gotta get me some of those.<

>Starting to miss virtual though. Miss my old friends. Every hack, every keystroke just seems to bring back those memories. Even the bad ones. Like the time I got stuck in virtual for nearly 30 hours. Not many come back from that, but cracking that firewall earned me the name THEDORAS. The-Door-Ass. The words I screamed when I got out. Everyone thought it was THEDORAS, but TheDoorAss was just the final password.<

>If these guys ever found that out, I'd never live it down.<

>I feel after today we are in for a whole world of hurt.<


------>End of Memory

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