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Tue 29th Jan 2019 06:02

<strong>Enroute to Daxu</strong>

by Thedoras


------>Input Password



------>Accessing Databanks

------>Enter Destination


------>Engaging SysLock



------>Are you sure?

------>Rerooting Memories

------>Forwarding Data Recovery

------>Welcome Home Michael


>Trapped Again<

>Every night in this cell with these people is hell. One of them is a Goblin if I could ever believe it. He seems to be erratic and skittish like a cat.<

>Then you have Doc. Up his own arse and with the credentials to boot. Actually diagnosed the Goblin with Anxiety, which to be fair he isnt far off. I've seen people suffering from withrals being less manic than that guy.<

>Ebbon. Bodyguard and stoic heroism in droves. Seems kinda cool, could be worth staying with incase this camp is far too much for my liking.<

------->Error...........Data Missing

------->Error...........Data Missing

------->Error...........Data Missing

------->Error...........Data Missing

----------->___________File Structure Recovered

------->Well shit, I guess this boggy marsh beneath the forests of Daxu is our new home. And we're completely cut off from the systems Interflec. Great<

------->End of Memory

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