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Tue 19th Mar 2019 10:51

Indentured work my arse

by Thedoras


------>Input Password



------>Accessing Databanks

------>Enter Destination


------>Engaging SysLock



------>Are you sure?

------>Rerooting Memories

------>Forwarding Data Recovery

------>Welcome Back Michael


>Taking a breath down here is like being in a room with hot fart. It's revolting.<

>How we are supposed to stay down here for so long I'll never know. But hey ho, we have our new home in the stacks. And its as glorious as it sounds.<

>We are packed in tighter than compressed Holovirus in a porn game. And I'm sure if you looked around a bit, it'd probably be dirtier.<

>Assigned to the Burner gangs for our "Work", however strangely enough the plants seemed to grow back, or move as Morbitz (The Goblin See More) seems to think. Doc agrees and Ebbon is his usual brooding self. I'm sure he must be fun when he's drunk. I guess we'll find out tonight anyway when we head to the Jolly Rancor.<

>Met the local gang today. The Electric Eels. They seem friendly, however constantly testing me via the intranet messaging systems, or probing my firewalls. Child's play but I'm sure they could do some damage if they wanted to.<

>The Leader however is incredibly attractive. Like, stands out in a crowd gorgeous. And an elf too. Might have to see if I can get on her good side. Which coincidentally leads me to the next thing, we have a "job" finally. Something I can actually flex my muscles with. Stealing a Data Core from the Bran Oil Concern. Which they will be concerned when I proceed to skull fuck their system into virtual labarynths.<


-------->End of Memory_______

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