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Ebbon Jackson

Ebbon Jackson
B 2
A 3
I 2
C 2
W 2
P 2
Wounds 16/16
Strain 13/13
Soak 2
Defence M/R

Parties & Groups

The Free Men

Storytelled by GorgeFodder
Played by
Ebbon Jackson
Species Human
Career Merc
Player Tom

Bra 2
Agi 3
int 2
cun 2
will 2
pre 2
General Skills
Career Ranks
athletics c c
discipline c c
vigilance d d
Non-Career Ranks
astrocartography d d
computers d d
cool d d
coordination d d d
driving d d d
mechanics d d
medicine d d
operating d d
perception c c d
piloting d d d
resilience d d
skullduggery d d
stealth c d d
streetwise d d
survival d d
Total XP 180
Free XP 5
Social Skills
Career Ranks
Non-Career Ranks
charm d d
coercion d d
deception d d
leadership d d
negotiation d d
Knowledge Skills
Career Ranks
Non-Career Ranks
Combat Skills
Career Ranks
ranged-light c c c
Non-Career Ranks
brawl c c
gunnery d d d
melee-light d d
melee-heavy d d
ranged-heavy d d d
Wound Threshold 16
Current Wounds 16
Strain Threshold 13
Current Strain 13
Soak Value 2
Melee/Range Defence /
Weapon Stats
Name Skill Dmg Crit Rng Special
Gun holster, suit, data stick

Tier One Talents
Toughened, Hamstring Shot, Quickdraw, There are many like it(Pistol)
Tier Two Talents
Toughened, Fan the Hammer
Tier Three Talents
Natural(Ranged-Light, Perception)
Tier Four Talents
Tier Five Talents
Special Abilities

Journey to daxu

by Ebbon Jackson

Day 1
Cell mates are an interesting bunch
Dr Newton Weiss, he claims to be a skilled surgeon from one of the cathedrals of Aphrodite, he definitely has the right look and seems honest could be very useful planetside if things are as dangerous as we have been told.
Morbitz, I have no idea what to think of this little guy he seems painfully shy but also very outspoken and confident when engaged in the correct dialog.
Thedoras, I don't know much about this one, he seems friendly enough but hasn't been very forthcoming with details will need to keep an eye on him.
Only other thing of importance to note is the cell next to ours is occupied with a bunch of orks who have displayed open hostilities towards us. High level of probability that a physical alteration will occur.
Day 4
My assessment of the orks was correct, they confronted our group just after a meeting with our jailer.
The combat capabilities of my cell mates was quite impressive and we managed to subdue the orks. Being the primative species that they are this confrontation only seemed to gain their trust and respect.
I don't forsee any more trouble on our way to Daxu.
Day 9
After an uneventful remaining journey to Daxu we have arrived
We have been given a nights stay in the town where we landed, I fear this might be the last "comfortable" nights sleep we get in a while.
Priorities are food then sleep best to not stray too far as I believe we are being constantly monitored.
Day 10
We have made our way to bran grove. Journey was uneventful the place looks like a shit hole.......I guess this is home now.
Day 17
We have been here for a week now and things have been very interesting. Firstly we have been assigned to a burner team....all of us....dispite the differences in out skillsets. This is dangerous and neglectful, I don't know why I thought it would be different though. Secondly we have discovered that there is a race of people living in the woods, dispite attempts at communication they ignored our presence. Will update more when we find out more. Lastly we have been approached by a local gang to do some work for them, they have promised me a gun for my work, I will feel much better once I can protect myself adequately.
My fellow companions seem to be settling in well, the Dr seems to think if he talks and demands he will get, definitely first time in prison. Morbitz is well he's very er.... interesting it's refreshing to see how he takes everything in his stride and isn't out off by anything. Thedoras and I have chosen to share a living quarters together, I still don't know much about him but I know he's a very skilled hacker, I look forward to working with him on our upcoming job.
Day 19
We have been asked to perform a job for a local gang.......they seem nice at face value and for their part they have lived up to their promises. We scouted out the job this evening security is tight but it has its gaps..... literally it has gaps.....such laps in security is just embarrassing but this will work well for us.
I have received a very comforting pice of equipment from our new friends also, it's a perfect replacement for my old standard issue I wonder how they knew my favourite brand and flavor? They are very intuitive I will give them that...let's hope they are as good a client as they seem to be if not this could be an interesting stay.

The major events and journals in Ebbon Jackson's history, from the beginning to today.

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