Ebbon Jackson

Mr Ebbon Jackson (a.k.a. Ebb)


Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Muscular and very physically fit, tall for a human and an intimidating bearing.

Body Features


Facial Features


Identifying Characteristics


Physical quirks

Never stays focused on one thing for long, eyes always scanning for danger

Special abilities


Apparel & Accessories

Shirt, jacket and trousers with gun holster under jacket

Specialized Equipment

Close combat fighting with Pistol's and unarmed

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ebbon Jackson   Ebbon hated titan.... Everything was built just that little bit too small for humans and made your feel like you was constantly stooping and bowing to the Dwarfs, it also effected his ability to do his job properly.   Ebbon was chief security officer for Mr Sinclair a newly appointed and very controversial senator for New Hampton city. Built just south of Leonis capital city lantonian it boasts one of the largest spaceports on Leonis and has the largest trade turnover.   Mr Sinclair's victory was seen as a major upset, the previous long standing senator of New Hampton was widely believed to have walked through the election unapposed ( mainly because he was paid for, funded and well under the controls of some of the biggest corporations in the whole crucible) but what they didn't expect was the power of the little people when United behind a common cause. That cause was Mr Sinclair, a very charismatic and likeable man who promised fair wages and better working conditions and promised if he was elected would root out and end the corruption infesting the trading port.   And that's why Ebbon now finds himself on titan, Mr Sinclair has brought evidence that could be the downfall of a major corporation located on titan, ofc Ebbon tried to convince his client of the danger of going personally to provide his findings to the council of titan but Mr Sinclair had insisted stating that the people must see him getting his hands dirty if he was ever to keep their respect.   They had arrived the night before.....not that you could really tell when night and day was on this space station, yes it had night and day modes but Ebbon really didn't like not being able to see the sun and sky above his head. They where walking down a long corridor much like the rest of the corridors in this dam place, cramped and oppressive, when Ebbon noticed a small ball roll out of a vent and bounce a few meters Infront of him and Mr Sinclair. With no regards to his own safety Ebbon pushed his client to the side and dived for the device, his aim to shield the blast with his own body but he was too late. Ebbon expected a large explosion but was surprised when all that happened was a short bright flash then nothing.....until after a few seconds and his vision started to blur, he fell to his knees rubbing his eyes but unable to clear his vision then his ability to move his arms and legs failed him and eventually he lost all control of his body and passed out.   When he woke he was in a cell, he couldn't remember anything except walking with his client and then it all went blank. After a few minutes a titan security officer came in and started asking him strange questions about why he had killed his client and who he was hired by....Ebbon was dumfounded he had no idea what was going on or what they where going on about.   A few weeks later Ebbon found himself on a ship to Daxu to work off his "crime". He had been tried and convicted of murdering his client and been sent to live the rest of his life working at bran grove of all places......


Close quarters combat training, ex military

Accomplishments & Achievements

Registered close personal protection agent (license revoked)

Failures & Embarrassments

Recently took on a client that he knew he shouldn't and got framed for his murder

Mental Trauma

Extreme anger at himself and the corporation's of titan

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

Hates physical intimidation against defenceless people, natural protective instincts



Personality Characteristics


Clear his name if not get his revenge.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Great with staying calm under pressure. Bad at holding his tongue if he feels passionate about subject.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes guns and tiny animal crackers Dislikes running out of ammo and tiny animal crackers

Virtues & Personality perks

Loyal and protective

Vices & Personality flaws

Quick to anger if the right buttons are pressed


Meticulously clean.


Contacts & Relations

Old client, not accessible due to conviction

Family Ties


Religious Views


Social Aptitude

Comfortable in the lowest dive all the way up to high society

Hobbies & Pets

Had a cat called cuddles (location currently unknown)

Wealth & Financial state

None, all assets frozen due to conviction

Year of Birth
1954 (32 years old)
Current Residence
Bran grove
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Shaved dark brown
Quotes & Catchphrases
"am sorry I can't understand you I don't speak cunt"
Known Languages
Character Prototype
Jon Bernthal

Journey to daxu

Day 1   Cell mates are an interesting bunch   Dr Newton Weiss, he claims to be a skilled surgeon from one of the cathedrals of Aphrodite, he definitely has the right look and seems honest could be very useful planetside if things are as dangerous as we have been told.   Morbitz, I have no idea what to think of this little guy he seems painfully shy but also very outspoken and confident when engaged in the correct dialog.   Thedoras, I don't know much about this one, he seems friendly enough but hasn't been very forthcoming with details will need to keep an eye on him.   Only other thing of importance to note is the cell next to ours is occupied with a bunch of orks who have displayed open hostilities towards us. High level of probability that a physical alteration will occur.       Day 4   My assessment of the orks was correct, they confronted our group just after a meeting with our jailer.   The combat capabilities of my cell mates was quite impressive and we managed to subdue the orks. Being the primative species that they are this confrontation only seemed to gain their trust and respect.   I don't forsee any more trouble on our way to Daxu.       Day 9   After an uneventful remaining journey to Daxu we have arrived   We have been given a nights stay in the town where we landed, I fear this might be the last "comfortable" nights sleep we get in a while.   Priorities are food then sleep best to not stray too far as I believe we are being constantly monitored.       Day 10   We have made our way to bran grove. Journey was uneventful the place looks like a shit hole.......I guess this is home now.     Day 17   We have been here for a week now and things have been very interesting. Firstly we have been assigned to a burner team....all of us....dispite the differences in out skillsets. This is dangerous and neglectful, I don't know why I thought it would be different though. Secondly we have discovered that there is a race of people living in the woods, dispite attempts at communication they ignored our presence. Will update more when we find out more. Lastly we have been approached by a local gang to do some work for them, they have promised me a gun for my work, I will feel much better once I can protect myself adequately.   My fellow companions seem to be settling in well, the Dr seems to think if he talks and demands he will get, definitely first time in prison. Morbitz is well he's very er.... interesting it's refreshing to see how he takes everything in his stride and isn't out off by anything. Thedoras and I have chosen to share a living quarters together, I still don't know much about him but I know he's a very skilled hacker, I look forward to working with him on our upcoming job.     Day 19   We have been asked to perform a job for a local gang.......they seem nice at face value and for their part they have lived up to their promises. We scouted out the job this evening security is tight but it has its gaps..... literally it has gaps.....such laps in security is just embarrassing but this will work well for us.   I have received a very comforting pice of equipment from our new friends also, it's a perfect replacement for my old standard issue I wonder how they knew my favourite brand and flavor? They are very intuitive I will give them that...let's hope they are as good a client as they seem to be if not this could be an interesting stay.


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