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Dr. Newton Weiss

Dr. Newton Weiss
B 2
A 2
I 4
C 2
W 2
P 2
Wounds 12/12
Strain 13/13
Soak 1
Defence M0/R0

Campaign & Party

Played by
Jon King
Other characters
Dr. Newton Weiss
Species Human
Career Doctor
Player Jon

Bra 2
Agi 2
int 4
cun 2
will 2
pre 2
General Skills
Career Ranks
cool c c
medicine c c c d
resilience d d
survival d d
vigilance d d
Non-Career Ranks
astrocartography d d d d
athletics d d
computers c d d d
coordination d d
discipline c d
driving d d
mechanics d d d d
operating d d d d
perception d d
piloting d d
skullduggery d d
stealth d d
streetwise d d
Magic Skills
Career Ranks
Non-Career Ranks
Social Skills
Career Ranks
Non-Career Ranks
charm d d
coercion d d
deception d d
leadership d d
negotiation d d
Knowledge Skills
Career Ranks
Surgery c c d d
Street Medicine c d d d
Non-Career Ranks
Combat Skills
Career Ranks
melee-light c c d
Non-Career Ranks
brawl d d
gunnery d d
melee-heavy d d
ranged-light d d
ranged-heavy d d
Total XP 190
Free XP 0
Wound Threshold 12
Current Wounds 12
Strain Threshold 13
Current Strain 13
Soak Value 1
Melee/Range Defence 0 / 0
Weapon Stats
Name Skill Dmg Crit Rng Special
Nanite Scalpel Melee - Light +1 3 Engaged Pierce 1
Aphrodite Clerics Uniform 1 soak Surgical/Medical Tool Kit

Tier One Talents
Knack For It (Medicine), Surgeon, Quick Strike
Tier Two Talents
Razorhand, Lucky Strike (Intelligence)
Tier Three Talents
Tier Four Talents
Tier Five Talents
Special Abilities
Nanite surgical tools implanted into back (Modify Medicine rolls situationally).
Wed 20th Mar 2019 10:11

The Transferability of Surgical Skills into the Profession of Murder

by Dr. Newton Weiss

I think the chip took hold again. No I don't think, i know..... but, its best I don't dwell on it for too long; even letting my thoughts drift down that path for a moment brings on a sickening pain.
Pain I'm afraid has become my constant companion in this miserable place. The little foray into espionage was not the opportunity for excitement and rebellion that I had envisaged. We achieved what was asked of us although I have deep concern that the price was simply too high. For one who prides himself of cleanliness in mind and body I now carry stains that cannot be removed. The work on my shoulder was exemplary, of course it was, I carried out the surgery myself! But then you see that very same skill is now responsible for the death of an innocent. Let us revisit shall we? The skills of a surgeon, turned to espionage and then twisted once more to become a bringer of death:
Intellect - A finely honed mind, with the observation and keen insight that despite the anger and frustration knew precisely what it was doing.
Precision - The cut was clean, too clean, a scalpel edge incision that would have too easily led back to my nanotech. I had to "dirty" the wound, I had to try and cover my tracks.
Technological Insight - My own hand could not have inflicted such a wound. Aphrodite gifted this technology to me to save lives not to end them.
Subtlety and Diplomacy - ............
Ruthlessness - well, yes... I think this one writes itself doesn't it.
I swore an oath when I began my medical studies to abstain from intentional wrong-doing and harm. It would be easy to blame the chip, easy to blame circumstance and the "heat of the moment" yet in truth I know I acted with malice aforethought. He had a family, friends, he loved and was loved in return and I not only ended that but caused such trauma that will ripple across generations. I know this, I may not have facts to support it but deep down I just know.
This stain.... this is one I am going to have to learn to live with. I am resolved now though that I cannot continue to live with the chip. It must be... I have to.... I.....

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Played by
Jon King

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