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Tue 22nd Jan 2019 09:28

A Brief Treatise on the Socio-Economic Question of Indentured Servitude

by Dr. Newton Weiss

It was only when I was sold into indentured servitude that I had the opportunity to travel the void and see the stars from a wholly different perspective than looking up from the surface of Leonis. This was a truly bizarre notion to me, one that broke me from the melancholy of what was to come and to see that even in these pitiful circumstances there is opportunity to expand the mind.
Therein lies the first piece of evidence in favour of the system of indentured servitude. Where is the value in letting mind and body wither away in a cell when they can be set into action, to improve the self and offer rehabilitation for the corrupt and deviant.
Yet there are those deviants who are beyond rehabilitation, the truly vile creatures that deserve to be confined, even executed for the good of society as a whole. Is it possible that monsters can still be of value?
The answer to this is far from simple and is specifically guided by the direction in which ones moral compass points. From my own point of view, supported by experience as a neuro surgeon, I have concluded that in circumstances where execution would be the favoured mode of punishment, consideration should instead be given for a lobotomisation process. Such a perspective would paint me as the monster to some; yet why waste a perfectly capable physical form that can be set to menial tasks and labour for the good of society?
There really is little argument against such a course, even the financial cost of maintaining such a mindless servant is far less than the cost of imprisonment, execution and the frankly obscene amount of bureaucracy involved.
To tread further along the path of economics we do however reach the true heart of why the system of indentured servitude exists. In the simplest of terms imprisonment is expensive; an expense that would have to be passed on to hard working citizens who do not deserve to foot such a bill.
So what we have in place is such a system that allows citizens, nations and corporations to indirectly profit from criminality that can be justified extremely simply from every possible perspective. A system that I may have already convinced you is worth expanding into the conversion of murderers, rapists and paedophiles into mindless slaves. It really is almost absurd isnt it?
However within this seemingly flawless system there lies my own personal example; the ascendant cleric surgeon sold to an oil company....... an oil company, on Daxu no less! A savage world that could not possibly make the best of the skills I have to offer! But it is fine, it really is; I have resigned myself to this life. I have been told I have a debt to pay for the actions I took and I will ensure that debt is paid in full so that society does not have to pay for it in my place.
If there is opportunity for enlightenment along the way then I will simply accept that as an unexpected boon.