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Mon 18th Mar 2019 03:55

The Transferability of Surgical Skills into the Profession of Espionage

by Dr. Newton Weiss

Evidently the unusual circumstances in which I find myself have led to some slightly "off piste" utilisation of my exemplary skill. My life having been so committed to the world of medicine and surgery I had not even given thought to the potential for alternative career paths; yet it has become swiftly apparent that the talents I have honed could easily be converted to a multitude of professions.
Now i must be clear here that I have no intention of accepting a future of mundane normality, obviously I could take up a lesser role, manufacturing perhaps and I have no doubt that I would complete such work with a skill and efficiency unmatched. Yet what a waste of my education and ability that would be!
So then what would be a suitable career path? It seems that espionage, the life of a spy, mystery and intrigue would be something to challenge and excite! Let me run you through the values I already possess that make me an obvious choice for such work:
Intellect - Not just an inate intelligence clearly but a finely honed mind with the observation and keen insight to pick up on the smallest of details
Precision - A surgeon used to working on the human body with the skill of a master artist
Technological Insight - I have embraced advancement by cybernetics further enhancing my physical ability while maintaining a working knowledge of computing.
Subtlety and Diplomacy - Knowing when to speak, when to listen and the power of words to sway and influence.
Ruthlessness - When necessary to cut out a malignancy I do not shirk from the task. The world is full of many malign presences.
I could go on but I feel I have made my case, perhaps when all of this is over there will be other companies than Aphrodite that hold an interest in my employment.....