Fairly quickly it was realised that small amounts of Red Amber could be used to store spells for recall, a bright wizard named Isamir used this ability to store major image spells in small flecks of Amber which he would send across the world as a message service, soon the postal network built up for the recording and sending of Flecks by post and on Titan via the Pneumatic tubes of Refuge station. After the invention of electricity and networked computing the name stuck, the InterFleck system was born.   Now InterFleck controls everything. Everything from banking transactions, troop movements all the way to the emerging trends of social media are all broadcast over the InterFleck system, vast trans continental fibre lines and factory size Fleck Exchanges power this network with satellites beaming the data across the vast gulfs of the Void. We truly live in an interconnected age. And with information comes power!
Isamir, Grand Air Wizard, immediately in the aftermath of the Nayoman attacks.