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Sciance Fiction

Little Scraps of Love

By DesdemonaRose

1307 1 1 3489

It's Therin's sixteen birthday. For him it's yet another birthday. For his best friend, Lucis, it's an extra special one. Therin's birthday is twenty-one days away. Yet, Lucis is already starting to drop his special brand of gifts on him. **** Story written...

Second God

By Akmedrah

7997 15 0 34259

Humanity has a god, as does every race, but in the beginning, he gave up on his creation. Cthulhu found these disreguarded souls, and took care of them in his own fashion. Now the dark one rises from the depths once more.

Wonderful One-Shots

By Akmedrah

8512 0 0 19280

A collection of stories mostly in the science fiction genre.

Lexicon Lost: Conflicts in the Capital (Serial part 3)

By Skaldiduna

3421 1 0 6428

The delegates from the human colony continue their journey to the Capital of an alien empire. Renz and Joe must immerse themselves in a dangerous political arena where every word is a measure of character.

Lexicon Lost: Embarked into Danger (Serial part 2)

By Skaldiduna

3520 1 0 3018

After the crash of the Lexicon research vessel on the world of MVX-5 in the Chordas System, named Eydan by the indigenous people, humans have been stranded. They found themselves alien visitors on a fertile world with a race and culture they cannot quite understand....

A Safe Place to Hide

By TimeBender

9994 3 1 2176

A lonely monster raised by humanity fights against a mafia conspiracy that threatens to wipe out not only his found family, but the entire city he has sworn to protect as a patrol officer, regardless of if the people inside care about him or not.

Short Stories

By JPStarsey

9616 0 0 1511

Short stories set in the Tangent Space universe.