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Alcohol Consumption

The Dillston Files — Marcus

By JJ Bresslah

2858 1 0 1095

Marcus’s story is a young boy’s look into the reality of the nation’s substance abuse problem. Born and raised in Dillston, Marcus knows his way around, how to survive, and is wise beyond his years.

Lexicon Lost: Embarked into Danger (Serial part 2)

By Skaldiduna

4347 1 0 3018

After the crash of the Lexicon research vessel on the world of MVX-5 in the Chordas System, named Eydan by the indigenous people, humans have been stranded. They found themselves alien visitors on a fertile world with a race and culture they cannot quite understand....

Flower of the Sea Tree

By StalwartLight

1175 0 0 3234

Aiselle was never any good at magic. She could barely perform a basic woodsong, and yet her mother expected her to take over the family business in due time. Aiselle never dreamed of leaving home. She never once considered why her skin was covered in sores...