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lgbtq romance

Farewell, Captain Avery!

By PleasantPheasant77

913 11 4 7932

Captain Avery is a simple delivery driver for Harv n Barv's, doing everything he can to make it through the week. After a mishap involving broken warp drives and pissed-off squids, (and an encounter with an asshole god), he ends up stranded in Cratonia, some...

Stories of Xyn: The Origin and the Absolution

By akiyas

1612 26 0 33612

Stories of Xyn: The Origin and the Absolution is the first book in the Stories of Xyn series. In Xyn, you are what The Council makes of you. A world that refuses to align with a timeline, Xyn is home to the Xynites, who do their best to please The Council....