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KatSanders Progress Report

Elandor Starwhisper

I am Elandor Starwhisper, a descendant of the original Elves. My life has been a long journey of magical discovery and deep communion with nature.

1066 words

Luminar Historia Award

The Luminar Historia Award is given to those who have written a book, paper, or treatise that excelled in academic and magical circles.

199 words

Chronicles of the Historian of Zephyr's Haven

"My observations of the events and adventures of Blaze Stormrider and his allies." — Elandor Starwhisper, Historian

3012 words


Are cold all the time? Is your breath always cold? Do you cough up ice? If so, you might have Frostfall, a rare and ominous magical wasting disease.

385 words

Ember Stormrider

Hey, I'm Ember Stormrider. I'm 11 years old and, well, things are kinda weird for me right now...

739 words

Blaze Stormrider

The name's Blaze Stormrider. I'm a 34-year-old Pyrodrake, and I've got the kind of build you'd expect from a guy who's been a city guard in Zephyr's Haven for years.

675 words

Pyra Stormrider

I'm Pyra Stormrider. I'm in my later fifties. I'm known for my kindness, wisdom, and healing skills.

500 words

The Mystorian Wheel of the Year

The document talks about the history of the Mystorian calendar and what it looks like today.

432 words

City Guard

City Guards are the protectors of towns and cities.

78 words


Mages study and perform the mystical arts.

53 words

Wish Granter

A Wish Granter is a magical being with the power to grant wishes, often bound by certain rules or limitations.

82 words


Students are young learners engaged in acquiring knowledge.

53 words

Hedge Witch

Hedge Witches are practitioners of a more natural and intuitive form of magic.

56 words


Healers in Mystoria are skilled in using both traditional medicine and magical healing.

62 words

Captain of the Guard

An authority in the settlement's defense force.

55 words


Blacksmiths are craftsmen and artisians specializing in forging metal.

76 words


The Mayor is the elected leader of town and cities in Mystoria.

66 words


A historian plays a crucial role in preserving the rich tapestry of the past.

157 words


A Chronicler is akin to a living repository of a community's ongoing story.

146 words

Elion the Arcanist

I am a mage of considerable experience and knowledge.

482 words

Astral Spellweaver

"So, here you have it, the world according to Astral Spellweaver, extraordinaire. Never a dull moment, I assure you."

531 words

Skyler Wingstrike

So, picture this: I'm 34, 5' 9", with a body that says 'I can chase down trouble and look good doing it'. My hair's this awesome shade of dark brown that looks almost black. I have blue eyes that look like the sky on a clear day.

719 words

Orion Dreambinder

I am a genie of considerable charm and wit. My early existence consisted of a swirl of cosmic dust and magical energies in the enchanting realm of Mystoria.

621 words

KatSanders Progress so far

10245 words 102.45% completed!

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They/them: Dynamic artist, writer, and world-builder, channeling boundless creativity and imagination. Driven by passion with unwavering purpose.

Favorite Writers

  • David Eddings
  • Mercedes Lackey
  • Ilona Andrews
  • Gail Carriger

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