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Frostfall is a rare and ominous magical wasting disease that casts an icy veil over its victims. The disease primarily affects Pyrodrakes, creatures that thrive in heat. This makes its emergence evern more alarming.


The origin of Fostfall remains shrouded in mystery, with magical scholars speculating on various arcane sources. Some theories suggest a rare elemental imbalance, while others ponder the influence of a dark enchantment that disrupts the natural heat equilibrium within Pyrodrakes.


  1. Icy Skin: Affected individuals experience an unnatural chill in their skin.
  2. Cold Breath: Regardless of external temperature, the patient's breath is frigid enough to freeze water.
  3. Ice Cough: The afflicted coughs up ice, a pecular and alarming manifestation.
  4. Inability to Generate Heat: The victum struggles to maintain warmth, even in scorching enviroments.
  5. Brittle Bones: The disease renders bones fragile, increasing the risk of fractures.
  6. Organ Freezing: Advanced stages reveal signs of organ freezing, posing a sever threat to the patient's life.


Magical healers employ a combination of elemental scrying and aura analysis to diagnose Frostfall. The detect of an abnormal cold aura, coupled with observed symptoms, aids healers in identifying and confirming the presence of this menacing malady.  
No definitive cure for Frostfall exists. Magical healers focus on alleviating the symptoms and slowing the disease's progression. Therapies involve a delicate balance of elemental infusions, protective wards, and temperature regulating spells. Additionally, Pyrodrake patients may be immersed in controlled heat enviorments to counteract the disease's effects temporarily.


Frostfall appears to manifest in different intensities, ranging from midler cases with manageable symptoms to sever instances where vital organs succumb to the frosty grip. Most victims of Frostfall will start with a mild case and progress to the most server case over years. How many years depends on the health and vitality of the victim.
Frostfall Symptom - Icicles by Kat Sanders with MidJourney AI
Frostfall Symptom - Cold Breath by Kat Sanders with MidJourney AI
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