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Pixie Wanderlust

Our fair, blessed and shining green land Britain is crossed over hill and dale with ley lines. More often than not these ley lines cross through ancient rings of standing stones or cairns. Charged with arcane energy and overlaid with weak points which separate the living world from astral space and the metaplanes of existance, persons traveling over them or visiting for an extended period of time may become disoriented and wander about confused as if lost, or at worst enter a fugue state and lay upon the ground in a catatonic state.   Fortunately for all the New Druidic Movement has been identifying the areas most likely to affect a person. These areas are being cordoned off and access to them prohibited to only those licensed by her Majesty's government to practice the arcane arts. Tourist sites such as Stonehenge are the exception. The condition called Pixie Wanderlust on the streets has a greater likelihood to manifest during solstices and equinoxes. The druids of her Majesty's government are on hand to assist those affected during these times in greater numbers. It is of note that minimally a pair of druids can be found at any given time observing sites of special interest.   No matter what the government reports there is no consensus within the awakened world. Various schools, independent magi and orders cannot agree on the exact cause. They can only agree on removing an affected person from the immediate area.  This author feels that the awakened world is keeping secrets.   >>> She who walks with Spider <<< "This author" does not know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground.   >>> The Boy Debois <<< Damn Gigi, that's that harshest thing I ever heard you say.   >>> She who walks with Spider <<< You should fear me when I am silent.   >>> Jacen <<< You better listen to her Debois.   >>> Jabberwocky <<< Pixie Wanderlust, are they trying to give me a bad name? Fragging drekheads.   >>> Stumpy <<< Yo Gigi, you gotta idea about this?   >>> She who walks with Spider <<< Only that it comes from a spirit feeding. No more shall I say.

Transmission & Vectors

Unknown, but believed to be caused by arcane energies and radiations emitted from astral space and the metaplanes.


Prolonged exposure to the magic energies of the ley lines, standing stone circles, cairns and other ancient sites.


A person will begin to wander about unresposive to outside stimuli. To the extent that those of a criminal intent can easily take undue advantage of them.  With prolonged exposure a person will lie down and stare blankly into space until they expire from exposure to the elements.


Immediate removal of the person from the area of magic activity. Taking a victim to an area without a magic background speeds up recovery.


With rest and care a person can recover and return to normal activities. Those who are magically active recover faster and are less likely to fall to the effects of the magic aura which affects those who are mundane.
Extremely Rare


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Jan 6, 2024 15:58 by Jacqueline Yang

Very interesting condition. I liked the little bit of dialogue you had with your characters to kind of help break up the information given to the reader at the beginning. One thing I hope to see soon though are other articles linked to this one. Maybe about people who have suffered from this or who have recovered?

Jan 6, 2024 16:39 by Absinthe

Good ideas, thank you.

Jan 14, 2024 06:43 by Paul

Neat condition. Do any people who suffer from this ever remember anything from their wandering? Do they have visions or see into other planes while under the effects? Does anyone ever seek out the condition on purpose (humans do tend to seek out things that alter the mental state)?

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