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Corralum Scales

Content Warning

This Article contains graphic descriptions of a flesh-eating disease and involves amuptation and a twinge of horror. Reader Beware!

Corralum Scales are a rare Jhoutai-native disease caused by parasitic spores released by certain families of Corralum. The spores infilitrate the body through open wounds and even exposed flesh if left unprotected for sufficent time for spores to settle. The disease causes rapid necrotizing of the flesh that can become lethal without immediate intervention.

The disease gets its name as infected flesh begins to take on a bloody scale-like appearance as the skin is broken down and begins to peel.

I told them time after time.

I told them to never expose an open wound until we were sealed in a tent. One stupid soul never seemed keen on listening. Now, their entire arm has turned into a rainbow wrapped in twine made of bubbling blood. Their shrill cries of pain are constant, whiny, and intolerable. They roll, and complain of the intolerable itch.

Their friends tell me that they have to go back to see a doctor. I told them the way it is. We won't be allowed back with an active Corralum Scales case.

Positive note; I get to learn how to amputate a human arm today.

— Corralum Guide Ry'zar

Stage 1 Infection

Initial infection can be detected by loose feeling skin and intense pain that continously worsens. Most describe it as an intense burning sensation as if their skin is being flayed without being peeled.

At this point of infection, the spores are beginning to seed and digest organic matter to make space underneath the infected skin for sporing.

Treatment with injected corralacide can prevent spread and kill off early infection. Failure to do so will lead to stage 2 infection in less than six hours.

Stage 2 Infection

Stage 2 Infection is the final stage. At this stage, the corralum has begun to sprout and grow within the hosts skin. The skin begins to weaken and become thin and slough off under vigourus rubbing.

Bright color from the corralum below begins to show through, and blood vessels burst through the skin, causing hemorrhaging.

At this point the only possible cure is amputation and incineration of the mutated flesh.

Corralum Scale Infection by MidJourney

Pictured Above: A late-stage infection, corralum has begun to grow beneath the skin, causing discoloration, scale growth, and bloody discharge from sporadic lacerations.

Pictured Below: The Octogrowth Corralum, a known infection vector that releases spores capable of infection and digesting Sophont.

Preventing Infection

1. Maintain Envirosuit seal.

2. Inoculate before traveling into known contagions.

3. Bring a heavy blade for amputation.

Infectious Nature

I offered the poor infected human a shot of alcohol, which they gulped down with a desperate greed.

"Anything to stop the pain." They moaned out. I already had to convince his fellow humans to tie him down to prevent them from scratching off their skin. The pinkish flesh had already began to crack, flake, and discolor with the alien growth eating the flesh beneath.

Surrounding me, like a herd of lost livestock, the other humans gawked at the deteriorated situation and then to me for guidance.

"We can't go back the surface infected. The Guard won't let us out." I explained, maintaining my calm as faces of disbelief weighed down their expressions.

Disbelief turned to shock as I pulled by broad knife from its sheath. "We let it sit any longer, and it will spread from your arm to chest." I calmy explained, and looked over at the two others who had joined us.

"I promise I will make it quick as possible." I had to maintain calm, as everyone else teetered on the brink of panic on what had to be done. Though I had to admit, I was personally excited to get a chance to explore human anatomy with such brutal intimacy.

"Hold them tight, prepare the sterlizer." I demanded of the uninfected. Their shaky nods and whiteknuckled holds would do just fine even as their infected brethern cursed our names.

The infected human struggled to fight back, groaning and screaming with the burning pain of their arm digesting from the inside by an unfeeling monster.

I ignored their screams, pleading for any other way. I knew full well that Corralum Scales could not be cured by well-wishes and a sophontic tenacity.

I pulled my long-blade and held it just below the joint. "JUST DO IT!" The human screamed in desperation, resigned to his fate and just wanted relief.

"Think of home." The suggestion was aimed to everyone in the room. I swung my blade down and cleaved through the still uninfected flesh. The first of many measured hacks through cracking skin and necrotizing flesh.

A human suffers from the affects of an untreated corralum infection in their arms. Amputation is the only option to prevent spread at this point.

Background generated via MidJourney


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