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Quilting is a coded language created by members of the Anomie United  youth movement. It is a cryptographic language utilizing poster collages frequently found on city walls.  


Anomie United began as a political youth movement in Chicago that eventually turned violent. After the attack on Sen. Gordon Gaines, IL and the firebombing of the Chicago Art Institute, Anomie United was considered a terrorist group by the United States Terrorists Identification and Surveillance Network (TISN).   Communication became difficult for Anomie United. Teens gathered in groups of 4 or more were often broken up by suspicious law enforcement, and TISN was now using high tech digital tools to infiltrate online spaces. The answer was to take the ubiquitous nature of walls covered in forgotten posters and turn them into cryptographic message boards.  


  According to TISN officials, "Quilters" go to locations where a wall has been covered up with posters and blend in other poster art. This new art is a mix of scavenged posters from movies, gig notices, and advertisements for events. The images hold a specific meaning to the United Anomie culture, that can only really be deciphered if one is plugged into that culture.   Quilts are often used to notify members of meeting locations and important events coming up. Out of the hundreds of poster covered walls throughout any given city, there are only a handful of locations where quilts are posted. Members of Anomie United wishing to stay abreast of the latest news will frequent these locations throughout the week.  


  Some believe TISN officials are grasping at straws, and this concept of quilting is just a myth to keep citizens suspicious of any teen activity. Unfortunately, all teens will tell you it's a real language whether it is or not, just to freak their parents out. So we'll never know. The monsters.


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Sebastian Du Pont
4 Aug, 2023 09:52

Human ingenuity never fails to amaze. I can totally see this happen in a future U.S.A. after web 4.0.

Sage KatSanders
Kat Sanders
9 Aug, 2023 04:49

Ok. When I first read the title, I was thinking about a code made with quilting squares. This is even better. I love that the "youth" are the ones creating the coded language and that no one can completely confirm if this is a true language or not.