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cedes's WorldEmber 2022
11 of 24 prompts completed

cedes Progress Report

Bone Painting

519 words

Colind Veritnal

443 words

Crystal Chamber

229 words

Frale Paint

305 words

Crystal Case

230 words

Glass Orb

168 words

Hale Humane

237 words

Dust Sled

185 words

Note by Starold

692 words

cedes Progress so far

3531 words 35.31% completed!

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Hey everyone, I'm cedes, normally a digitally artist but I figure its time to start doing some big ol' worldbuilding.   So I've had this huge world in my head since I was a kid in highschool, I just never had a place to put it so it constantly changed in my head and I never had a concrete explanation for any of my world.   I finally gave in and joined worlds anvil and while my main world is still hidden because im nervous unorganized, I'm building this second smaller world for world ember! Hope you can enjoy, and I can get over my nerves lol.   Also please excuse the fact I do art but have about .0007% on the articles, I typically will draw all day to avoid doing some bad worldbuilding so I'm trying to change gears and focus on writing for now!