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Cloud Soup

There are a number of settlements that are perched high up on the mountain peaks, isolated from the rest of Isturoth by their altitude. These are the regions referred to as the "Frostlands" and "Icelands". A common staple amongst those that live here is the brewing of cloud soup, so named because of those that consume it living high up in the clouds.   The name also could come from the fact that it is a very thin broth, made with few ingredients due to the scarcity of meats and vegetables at such altitudes. The recipe of the soup changes constantly, based largely on what ingredients are able to be sourced. Whatever makes up the mixture of the soup, a mandatory part of it is ginger, for it grows fairly easily in cold, dry climates and it is known for curing altitude sickness. Any combination of spices and herbs can added to this broth, but it will still taste overwhelmingly of ginger.   Along with the thin ginger broth, any earthy vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, onions and yams can be added. Tiny amounts of small game meat or poultry can be dropped in for some added protein. If brought up from the highlands, flatbread can be consumed alongside the soup or torn into small pieces and added to the mix for more texture.   It is often looked down on as a 'poor man's stew' but it is a hearty yet humble meal that those in the high-altitude communities rely on for sustenance. For those barely clinging to survival, cloud soup will be made in a large cauldron for all to partake in, and contribute what they can, pooling supplies to make something that will benefit the whole settlement.   Cloud soup is a common cuisine in monasteries that are far-removed from society and have precious few foods to spare.

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Aug 12, 2023 20:13

I like the name of the soup, cloud soup initially makes me think of something light and fancy, and well there's one world I got right lol. I do enjoy that it's an umbrella term for a few different soups that are all rather too plain to be named indiviually.

Aug 15, 2023 23:01

Guess it's like a cloud because it's mostly water as its main ingredient. I like the small details of what gets included in the broth, the stuff that sticks around regardless of recipe and even what common-day places it's used at.   I wonder if climbers find the stuff taste better or worse due to altitude sickness.