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Unusual Magic

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A well known mage traveled the world and on his travels, he was caught out in a bad storm away from any taverns or towns. The only place he saw was a hut. With no other options, he knocked on the door and was greeted by an old man. At first, the mage was surprised that the monk didn't know who he was, and the monk explained that he was devoted to the goddess Tauna. The mage was delighted and showed the monk all the fancy spells he knew hoping to impress the monk. The monk wasn't impressed, and the mage challenged him to show off his magic. But the monk couldn't perform even the simplest spell.   "How can you be a monk of Tauna if you can't perform magic?" the mage cried out.   "I will tell you, but first. Stay awhile, it's still raining." The monk gestured to a chair by the fire and brought bread, stew, and ale for the mage to eat and drink. He asked for a story from the mage who proceded to tell a lengthy tale about his best exploits and achievements. Afterwards, the monk told a story about a poor man who caught a wishing fish.   By the time the tale was over, many hours had passed but it felt like no time at all. It was late in the afternoon, and when the mage looked out the window, the rain had stopped, and the road was dry. He stood and gathered his things thanking the monk for his company. Standing in the threshold, he turned and asked the monk, "You never told me how you can be in the service of Tauna without magic."   The monk only smiled. "I did perform magic. I produced food and drink from thin air. I made time pass so quickly you didn't even feel it. I made it stop raining and the sun come out to dry the road."   The mage retorted. "That's no magic! You had the food and drink already prepared. We were telling stories, so time passed on its own. The rain was going to end without you doing anything. How is any of that magic?"   "Magic works in mysterious ways. You were surprised to see how much time had passed and that the rain had stopped. Is that not the reaction of one who has just witnessed powerful magic?"   The mage had nothing to say to that and left with much to ponder.

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Aug 6, 2023 04:58 by Vivianne Morena

Clever, clever monks! Very true words though - a good story can be a powerful magic when wielded correctly :)

Aug 7, 2023 02:12 by Deleyna Marr

I love this story and the beauty of the moral. Nicely done!

Aug 11, 2023 13:26

A very lovely story and a good fit for any fantasy world where nonmagical people have to work with and possibly compete with magic users.