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Reverie, a realm where flowers blossom in forgotten castles and forests grow in the skeletons of long dead beasts. Visit the sleepy villages and surreal landscapes, and explore this world as life and magic begins to flourish once more.
  A world once born from dreams, Reverie will eventually be consumed by those dreams once more. Although that fate is inevitable, it shall not come to pass for many many years. Explore the fleeting world while it is still here.   The great age of humanity has ended. All that is left of these great kingdoms and empires are ruins where flowers bloom. Secrets are abound in every corner of the world. Hidden fey kingdoms can be found all over to those who know how to look.   Explore a world of beauty and horror, of dreams and nightmares, of the eldritch and surreal. Come, explore Reverie.
Generic article | Mar 25, 2024
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