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The western coast of the continent of Wyrring is a land full of magic and life. From the cold wind sweeping over the Northern Isles to the temperate southern shores of Lake Sophie, a wide variety of peoples and politics can be found here.   Wyrring finds itself at the precipise of an unknown future, which will be shaped by hundreds of hands. What will be your contribution?  

The World

The coast is dominated by the silver spires of Estalia; a powerful republic bound to their ideals of order. In seeking this perfect order, they've turned to an extreme level of beaurocracy, believing that this will help them follow what is known as The Grand Plan - a belief in a set of fundamental laws and rules of the world that can be used to achieve greatness. Through the use of the powerful Silver Legion and the shadowy House of Order, Estalia seeks to enforce this sense of order both within and across the world at large.   However, Estalia is not without its rivals. To the south lies the Kingdom of Aedan; a place where individual freedom and liberty are above all other rights. To the east the dwarven Jarldom of Kraggenhammen which has become extremely wealthy from their recent alliance with the under-city of Gracklstugh. Further south are the fertile Summer Shores, the desolate Barrens, and the Great Expanse - an endless desert where the remnants of gods wander. Further east lies the secluded elvish domain of Sylvia, the ruined kingdom of Ostrangard, and the mysterious Dwemni Empire .  

The New Magic

Arcane magic was once a regular occurence. Mages could be found around the world practicing any number of schools of magic, with some of them completing studies at The Grand College. As well, Totems, the fragments of divinity left behind after their last war, brought divine intervention in their diety's names.   With the invention of the Kinetic Engine, a new form of magic and industry has been created. No longer a formless, chaotic energy, magic can now be studied, augmented, and calibrated. Great inventions have harnessed this ability, creating trains, airships, and everyday tools. Older styles of magic have fallen out of popularity, and must find ways to survive in this new world.  

Info for Players

For players looking for where to start, this section is for you!   If you're looking for quick ideas to create a character which is incorporated into the world, you can reference the article here.   If you're curious about the world, or just want to browse, you can look under the "Wyrring" Folder in the World Codex, or use any of the links above to jump-start your studies!