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The Myth of the Superhero

The idea of the superhero emerging exactly when needed is something of a universal concept, where I come from. People gain powers, terrible things happen, and sooner or later one and then more of those people pull it together and save the world. It's not that people have to be good, that they're inherently good, it's that there's a driving underlying force to it all that pushes all of us to be better than what we are.   Most people--and by most I mean all--see the kinds of powers that most superheroes deal with as potentially corrupting. You have so much you could do, and the only thing restraining you obligation? Or at least, that's how it usually looks on the surface.   Beneath that, there is the consistent myth (or rather, common sequence of events that keeps on happening all through history over and over as needed).   First, the rise of powers. Some new ability, some expansion of what people are capable of, something that gives them a distinct advantage over others. Bonus points if it's something that can't just be handed over to someone else, that they are literally the only person who can carry this.   Always followed by the rise of those who would use this power for their own personal gain. The first villains. Rarely pure evil, but always selfish, and usually cruel.   Usually followed by the victim. Someone relatively innocent, harmed by the selfishness of the villains. Hurt or killed through ignorance, through pride, through something avoidable.   And what always comes next is the rise of the heroes. Because there's always someone capable who decides to stop being selfish and make a difference instead. And then there are others, and soon there's a balance.   It can be something as horrifying as Katastrophis and his endless hunger and malice.


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Aug 7, 2023 06:03 by Deleyna Marr

I like this take on heroes, villains, and that the victim is a part of the cycle.

Aug 12, 2023 19:42

So if this is considered the myth of the superhero, is there a truer way that superheroes become what they are? There certainly is a pattern that's asking to be broken!