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Havkaats are a small feline species found in Amantia on the eastern coast of Valorden. It is believed that pirates must have accidentally imported the species from a southern continent. These magically imbued small cats have a condition that allows some of their species to - not quite go invisible - but nearly. It's unclear what fur the Havkaat originally had on their home continent, but interbreeding with local Dunecats and Sandcats has brought forth some very interesting fur colours and markings. Through this, Havkaats that do not possess the gene for their near invisibility have evolved to have beautiful vibrant fur. Havkaats tend to live in pairs of two or very small packs and are very smart creatures. It has been observed that every pack has always at least one of these colourful specimens. In Amantia where many travellers and foreigners pass through, the Havkaats can use these packmembers to distract from the mieschievous deeds of their stealthy partners. They have adapted to their surroundings of marketplaces and harbours and know how to make goods vanish along with themselves. Though, even houses and the well-guarded upper part of the city are not safe. Locals, as well, are not safe from their thieving, because of the Havkaat's charming nature and adorable looks. Many have tried to tame Havkaats and use them for their own criminal ambitions but the species is stubborn and does not deign to work together with others than their own pack. But stealing is not the only thing they do, the Havkaats are often caught playing other ticks and seemingly know very well if they have caused chaos and apparently even enjoy it. There is no other good explanation for their actions as they do not carry out their mischief out of a necessecity of survival.
South of Valorden
Geographic Distribution


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Aug 12, 2023 20:00

While they are not easily tamable for criminal ambitions, does anyone ever want them as pets? Non criminals included!