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I taught myself to read at 4 years of age because I was impatient. I decided the available books were not the story I wanted to read, and wrote a story, at 5.
It was pretty awful.
I mean, I was five, that's not going to be a coherent plot anyhow! But still. It was awful. I was astounded to realize that good stories don't just burst off the page because I apply a crayon. I went back to reading for a while, but sometimes I was looking at what made one book a good read while another was merely a way to pass the time.
Here we are, twoscore and change years later, and I think I am starting to really grasp how a plot is different from a narrative which is not the same thing as a roughly chronological sequence of scenes?
Building worlds certainly makes for a better story!
My native language is American English, with several regional contributions as I moved around a lot in my early years. I can communicate tolerably well in a couple of other languages, if the other converser is patient and of good cheer. I'm familiar with several specialized vocabularies in the greater category "Nerd" and I know the responsibility for being understood is mine.
(I also sometimes have trouble understanding spoken words because I'm missing a bit of the hearing register in the middle. Maybe that's why I use the "Maximum Verbosity" setting in written communication! Sorry.)

Favorite Movies

  • The Princess Bride

Favorite Writers

  • Diane Duane
  • Robert B. Parker, especially in the 80s
  • for that matter, Rex Stout
  • Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Chris Dee
  • Seanan McGuire
  • C. B. Ash
  • Sir Terry Pratchett, especially the City Watch
  • Gallus Rostromegalus
  • Jennifer Rardin
  • Brian Daley
  • Spider Robinson
  • John M. "Mike" Ford

Latest Loved work

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Episode 3.09 - Escape Velocity

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