Doggo Hayc (DOG-go HAYSH)

Trooper Doggo Hayc

TC Log, Personal
Captain Rico
Imperium Palace, Estalle Island, Procopia, Procopia System

I have seen about eight too many complaints cross my desk from Tapani citizens, all whining to the effect that a mutie hound is not an appropriate "pet" or "service animal" to accompany one of my serving sergeants on duty. Striker Hayc has had eighty percent of his cybernetic life support implants replaced with vat-grown "original" parts, and Doggo has been at his side every second of the way. Every time I craft a polite response to one of these natborn appearance-obsessed yahoos civil or ImpMil functionaries, I have to assign myself an extra run of PE.
Vanya told me, last time we had a command staff holo conference to review the quarterly report before its official release, that she was about to do an out-of-sector errand for the Old Folks' Home. She said that once she finished that job, she would be checking up on whether I had found a more permanent solution to halt recurrences.
She said that if the evidence indicated "no", that she would take the problem off my desk.
Razak was no help. He said that our Chaplain's solution will certainly not be "polite", but would definitely be conclusive. He said he might even enjoy the fireworks for once.
Vanya said that if she times it right, she might have it handled by the Emperor's Birthday. Striker and I could hold our tempers for that long, right?
Force help me, I can just see the news crawls announcing "Emperor's Hand Doggo Hayc, bestowed with petty knighthood by Our Imperial Lord and Master at height of birthday celebration".
I cannot be having that.
But I also can't order Striker to wave the Chaplain off. Nor will I even consider restricting Doggo's appearance at my sergeant's side. I conclude that, tactically, I have extremely few options left!
This is what command has led me to: I am assigning official membership identification to "Trooper Doggo Hayc".
And associated pay scale.
I discarded the idea of ranking Doggo as a Private. Even a specialist Trooper might get pushback from some of the dignitaries who record these complaint messages, at least until reminders get out that another Trooper specialist will be processing these from now on. No, if we're going to have a free hand to assign Striker to diplomatic escort duty when we send a Consul to their new post, then Doggo can't have the officially minimal noncommissioned rank.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Beskar Aran Member Authorization
Physical description

Doggo is a kath hound ... mostly.
More than fifty percent by genetic content, anyway.
Doggo has two clawed toes instead of one hoof at the end of each foot. He has a dewclaw toe on the back legs that is also inclined to razor-sharpness. Striker is supposed to trim those claws on each foot about once every ten days, and file them to dull curves twice between trimmings. Unless they are on assignment either in zero-G environments or in a high-profile setting like an embassy, Striker only trims the claws when he notices Doggo trying to groom his own feet.
Striker insists that the sharp points help Doggo to move more quietly.
Doggo has a pigment in his fur that he can somehow cause to alter its apparent color. This is not full photosensitive background matching like a camo net, but it does tend to break up the lines of his otherwise very bulky, very noticeable shape at a typical guard post.
Until he starts to wiggle. Or that tongue comes flopping out.
Most of the time while off-duty, Doggo tends to be a mottled brown with white "freckles". This might be in reaction to the glossy brown collar and harness he wears when off-duty. Striker makes a point of switching to the translucent gray collar and harness when they prep for full-kit duty, which absolutely involves fitting a custom containment suit and helmet onto Doggo.
(Because being Striker's commanding officer is not, you know, hard duty already.)
Or Striker gets out the mud-colored collar and harness if the duty shift will be in "dress uniform". That's when Doggo starts to blend into the nearest shadows.
Doggo's ancestors were apparently not horned kath hounds, thank the Force. He has little horn stubs at the top of his forehead ridge, but they have never shown signs of growing out to form those huge curving scimitar tusks that you see on the sides of a horned hound's skull. He does have a mouth full of spiky teeth, about a third of them with bases as thick as Striker's trigger finger and lengths almost to match. But he mostly does not bite people any more, so long as he does not hear the Intruder Alert signal (and he does not spot a slice of trimpian in an uncooperative hand).

Special abilities

Doggo is significantly stronger than a natborn kath hound of similar size, regardless of subspecies.
Doggo's fur is able to partially adjust its hue to increase effective camouflage in many environments. This ability is dependent upon not being within his armor. It appears to obscure heat transmission into immediate surroundings as well as to diffuse or dissipate his appearance in a wide light spectrum including ultraviolet.

Specialized Equipment

  • Customized armored environmental suit, built with overlapping plates to accomodate minor size adjustments of plus or minus fifteen percent
  • Customized armored, polarized environmental helmet shaped to fit Doggo, with built in dehumidifier for visor interior. Rated for pressure variation from zero atmosphere to 4x standard atmosphere. Dedicated encrypted communications integrated to personal kit of Sergeant Striker Hayc. Emergency channel linked to Tapani Imperial Military Crisis Management central command.

Personality Characteristics


Striker keeps Doggo scrupulously clean during most of the year. Doggo gets daily brushing of fur, teeth, and claws; frequent visits to the sonic shower for a scrub; and regular checkups with a qualified medical technician.
Once every two standard months, Doggo and Striker go on a "playdate" to a nearby recreational area. Whatever it is that they do, they both get astoundingly muddy by the time they return to their current quarters.


Family Ties

Striker is Doggo's entire universe, and Doggo is Striker's.
However, kind considerations will also be given to those close members of House Venn and the Beskar Aran who provide regular scritches and snacks.


Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
17 Melona 12728
Year of Birth
12728 3 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
see Requiem
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
probably brown with variations
Quotes & Catchphrases


Aligned Organization
Character Prototype

The canine actor "Beasley" who played the titular character in the movie Turner and Hooch would have needed some makeup to adjust color, increase overall size, and add horns, but he had a great personality and body language for the character of Doggo Hayc.



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