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Glossary of Zheng-Kitar

A list of terms used on Zheng-Kitar, contained here for easy reading and understanding

Below is a list of terms frequently used on Zheng-Kitar, either spoken by its denizens or used in written language or both, and their definitions as defined by those who coined them or those who most commonly use such terms.  
Name Description
Atlen A term used in place of "mana" - the invisible energy of the dead Overdeity Atlas that permeates all of reality. It exists in and around all things, and, when manipulated, produces miraculous effects that have come to be known as "magic", commonly divided into various types of "magic" broken up generally by how one channels atlen to bring about such "magic". By using various means depending on the type of caster, one can bend this omnipresent essence, remnant of Atlas's ineffable mind and psyche, to invoke his ancient and awesome power to produce incredible effects in the world at large. See The Origins of Magic and The Origins of Kinetic Magic for more information.
Elemental Affinity A replacement for the traditional alignment axises(Law/Chaos, Good/Evil). Each creature is born with an element or two that represents their personality and tendencies best, though it is by no means a book of law. In a purely flavor sense, one's elemental affinity can influence what kinds of magic one is most adept at. For more info, see The Elements: A Primer.
"High" Race(s) Generally refers to a more powerful, ancient version of a race - typically the ancestors of a species who are often more powerful or impressive in some way. Can also refer to the true "High Races" - the first three races made at the dawn of reality by the Yema(Sapphire Elves, Titans, and High Dragons) who each would play a fundamental role in the shaping of the infant cosmos. Also sometimes used to refer to the races which came after these three High Races - created by the Yema and the Sapphire Elves that were weaker than the original three high races, but would go on to serve as the first templates for mortal species. These four races that came afterwards are Humans, Dwarves, Wulven, and Orcs.
Husk The corpses of the Spirit Kings left behind when their immortal bodies given to them by The Six Great Ancestors were cracked and wounded by The Witch Kings of Bhorsis-Razghûl. When their bodies gave out and they returned to their true forms, their bodies were left behind and eventually became the husks - bodies of the gods who in time gained sentience and unfathomable power, such that they now absorb elemental affinities of creatures, turning them into strange beings devoid of some personality elements such as emotions. For more information, see The Six Husks.
Kami Natural spirits who watch over nature, created by the Old Gods to serve as the wardens of the natural world. They are bound by the Laws of golden perfection, and can take on many varied forms - they each have a "ward", or area which they guard and protect as their own lands, and can merge with that ward(Be it a tree, rock, signpost, mountain, or otherwise) to hide from others. They do not commonly reveal themselves to outsiders without good cause. They are sworn enemies of the Oni, and work to defeat them wherever they appear. For more information, see Kami.
Lesser Idol A demigod or other partially divine being. They are not full-fledged deities and still walk the mortal realms, albeit as unfathomably powerful existences - their most defining trait is their lack of true divinity as well as their ability to support a follower base. Typically they give faith out in more esoteric ways, to witches, warlocks, oracles, and the like. For more information, see Lesser Idols, A Primer.
Leyline Invisible, intangible "rivers" of Atlen that flow throughout the world of Ea and all of reality - living remnants of the great Overdeity Atlas that many believe hints at proof of his continued existence as all of reality itself, and proof that all the worlds of the Material Plane and the planes beyond are alive. While the exact measure of life and consciousness the universe exhibits is debated, attempts to quantify this cosmic biology point toward the phenomenon of ley lines as proof. These conduits of magical energy which may have once been the arties and vessels of the great Overdeity traverse all known corners of creation, serving the same function as the veins and arteries of living creatures. These conduits, connecting geographical and cosmological features both great and small, grant knowledge and power to those who tap into them such that many argue that the sum total of all life of the past, present, and future is contained within these great magical rivers feeding the ocean of the cosmos. While not confirmed, these leylines are believed to be the "Lifestreams" spoken of in Cyclops and True Dragon mythology.
Noctum Veil The veil created by the yema that surrounds the continent of Zheng-Kitar, hiding it from the rest of reality. None save native Zheng-Kitarans can pass this barrier, though others may follow such people in or simply come in if they have an invite from such a person. For more information, see the sidebar "The Noctum Veil" on The Yema.
Old Gods The original masters of the cosmos and reality, who survived the collapse of the last reality to form the current iteration of reality in its place alongside the Outer Gods. They were beings of unfathomable power whose ritual with the Outer Gods gave birth to the Overdeity Atlas, who died to give shape to all things in reality. Their power was coveted by the Yema, and they were slain by the very same beings out of jealousy, who claimed their power and sought to destroy all they created and stood for. The patron saints of the continent of Zheng-Kitar, the only bastion where their teachings endure. For more information, see The Old Gods: A Primer.
Oni The arch-enemies of the Kami, who seek nothing less than the destruction and consumption of all creatures and objects on the material plane - they are often corrupted Kami or other evil mortal souls who rise again as these awful spirits who seek to constantly indulge their hedonistic, destructive appetites. For more information, see Oni.
Outer Gods Ancient, unfathomable beings whose very presences are enough to cause insanity and madness in those who glimpse them. Being of terrifying, near-omnipotent power that exist in the Dark Tapestry who could likely bring all of reality to a sudden end if all their power was brought to bear. Their goals are unknowable, but most all are considered hostile to all life and seek the destruction of the material plane. Despite this, they assisted the Old Gods in forming reality for reasons unknown.
Progenitor A simple term used to refer to beings from whom either elements or various schools of magic find their origin - such as the beings who can be traced back to be the origins of Alchemy, and so on. The "Progenitors" of the elements are less the 'origins' of that element and more akin to beasts who perfectly embody and naturally are infused with their element. For more information, see The Progenitors.
Rumbler Zheng-Kitaran shorthand for advanced technology, or one who wields it. A derogatory term, or one used in caution.
Saint Often refers to Elemental Saints, who serve the role of Minor or Lesser Deities on the continent of Zheng-Kitar. Worshipped by the common populace, they are incredibly numerous and varied. For more information, see The Spirit Kings: A Primer.
Sapphire Network The ancient network of natural pathways and conduits that connect the natural world and spiral throughout reality to all such bastions and places of nature and harmony. Despite the name, it was not created by the Sapphire Elves - merely popularized by them as they invented the Sapphire Steles to serve as transportation hubs. Different from Leylines, they are esoteric and mystical pathways that link the natural world together through means poorly understood by most. Typically, they are unusable by all save the Výtrúl, those using the Sapphire Steles, and those who gain the favor of natural concentrations of Natural Atlen such that they are allowed use of the ancient art of Wodewalking.
Spirit Kings Beings created by the Old Gods who are physical rulers and manifestations of the six core elements of reality(Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Light, and Void). Supremely powerful existences who are, in their entirety, the six elemental planes of the planescape - they are so powerful that they spend most of their time slumbering, unable to fully awaken. They saved the continent of Zheng-Kitar from certain death long ago when The Six Great Ancestors gave their lives to let them awaken in corporeal shells to drive off the Yema assaults that had nearly exterminated the continent. For more information, see The Spirit Kings: A Primer.
Star Ocean Also known as the Dark Tapestry and sometimes(Incorrectly) as the Space between Spaces. The cold, vast void of space between the stars in the sky where none but the most alien, incomprehensible beings can exist and dwell in.
True Element Simply more powerful versions of the elements used to inflict harm on other creatures(Fire, Ice, Electricity, Acid, Sonic, Positive Energy, Negative Energy) that ignore conventional defenses against their more mundane counterparts. They often have a side-effect associated with their use(Ex: Using Goldbolt shatters the soul of a creature killed by it, preventing them from re-entering the cycle), and are extremely rare and hard to obtain. For more information, see True Elements.
Wode A Baltairan and Old Elven word for "Forest" that has a deeper significance to the Elven and Baltairan people than other species know. A "Wode", to the Elven and Baltairan, is a 'living' forest - one that retains its mystical heart such that its denizens can tap into the Sapphire Network to access the ancient art of Wodewalking. However, it means much more than simply this - a Wode is a mystical place where beasts of all kinds normal and paranormal dwell, where the boundaries between reality are thin, and where Atlen and Magic hangs in the air, thick as soup. These forests are notoriously dangerous to outsiders but are also considered some of the best preserves for Kami and other beings of nature, especially servants of such places like druids. Though unconfirmed, many believe that all Wodes are connected to each other in ways not concievable to normal folk - that a true denizen of a wode could enter a wode in one place and exit in another on the opposite side of the planet. They have, unfortunately, always been somewhat at odds with the rest of Zheng-Kitar - fighting against the onset of civilization to protect the Wodes from becoming what non-Elves and non-Baltairans refer to as "Forests" - Wodes that have been "conquered" and had their mystical hearts shattered, turning them into "dead" woods(By Elven and Baltairan standards) where all mystery and magic have fled, leaving nothing but a hauntingly empty forest in its place.
Wodewalking The art used by the Elves and Baltairan people to travel between Wodes, regardless of the distance between them. The art is poorly understood by all but the most trusted of Elves and Baltairans, and to use it is considered an enormous honor.
Yema The evil foreign gods who, in their jealousy, slew the Old Gods and took their places as masters of Reality. They despise Zheng-Kitar for its nature as the last bastion for the teachings of the Old Gods(Their hated enemies), and constantly seek to obliterate it and all life that dwells on it. For more information, see The Yema.


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